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Electrical Circuits. A path where electric charges move along (through wires).

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1 Electrical Circuits

2 A path where electric charges move along (through wires).

3 Parts of a Circuit The four main parts of an electric circuit are: 1. Energy Source – Gives the circuit its energy. (eg. a battery) 2. Conductor – Is a device that allows electricity to pass through it. (eg. a wire)

4 Parts of a Circuit 3. Load – Is a device or appliance that uses the energy. (eg. a light bulb) 4. Switch – A device that turns the flow of electrons in a circuit on or off.

5 Electric Circuits Closed Circuit – Allows electrons to travel through an unbroken circuit and back to where they started.  Circuit is ON

6 Electric Circuits Open Circuit – Has a break in the path along which electrons flow. Circuit is OFF

7 Electric Symbols We use diagrams and symbols in electricity to represent the actual wiring. WHY??????

8 Symbols to Know SymbolDiagram Conducting wire Open Switch Closed Switch

9 More Symbols SymbolDiagram Ammeter Voltmeter AV

10 The Last of the Symbols SymbolDiagram Light Bulb Cell Battery Longer line is positive end Shorter line is negative end

11 Direction of Flow Review Electrons are: – Repelled from negative terminal. – Attracted to positive terminal. Why ?

12 Remember… Negative is attracted to positive!

13 Which way do electrons flow?

14 1.Cell (source) 2.Closed switch (control device) 3.Light bulb (load) 4.Conducting Wire Label This Diagram 1 3 2 4

15 One More to Label 1 5 4 3 2 1.Battery 2.Conducting wire 3.Light bulb (load) 4.Open switch 5.Light bulb

16 What Now? Let’s Build a simple circuit!!

17 Drawing Circuit Diagrams There are some conventions (rules) to follow when drawing circuit diagrams 1.connecting wires are generally shown as straight lines or 90º angles 2.Symbols are used to represent all components such as control devices, outlets, electrical loads, meters

18 Circuit Diagram Examples What is similar what is different?

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