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Maintenance of Living Things

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1 Maintenance of Living Things

2 Photosynthesis Autotrophic Nutrition Light Energy Chemical Energy Equation:

3 Parts of the Leaf

4 Upper Epidermis / Cuticle
Prevents water loss

5 Palisade Layer Photosynthesis Makes / Manufactures food (glucose)

6 Vein TRANSPORTS food and water Phloem: Food Xylem: Water

7 Stomate Gas Exchange

8 Guard Cell Controls the size of the opening

9 Cellular Respiration Used for ENERGY (ATP)
Take place in the MITOCHONDRIA Used by Autotrophs and Heterotroph Equation:

10 Aerobic Respiration WITH Oxygen 36 ATP produced Mitochondria

11 Anaerobic Respiration
WITHOUT Oxygen 2 ATP Produced Alcohol Fermentation (Yeast) Lactic Acid (Muscle Cramps) Cytoplasm

12 Transport Movement of Molecules

13 Passive Transport / Diffusion / Osmosis
Movement from HIGH to LOW Does NOT use ATP (Energy) Osmosis: Diffusion of WATER from high to low High Low

14 Active Transport Movement from LOW to HIGH Uses ATP (Energy)

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