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Chapter 6 Memory.

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1 Chapter 6 Memory

2 Memory 3 Processes of Memory
Definition- an active system that receives information from the senses, organizes and alters it as it stores it away, and then retrieves the information from storage 3 Processes of Memory Encoding Storage Retrieval

3 Models of Memory Levels of Processing Model
Parallel Distributed Processing Model Information Processing Model

4 Information Processing Model
Sensory Memory Iconic Sensory Memory Capacity of Iconic Memory Duration of Iconic Memory Eidetic Imagery Function of Iconic Memory Echoic Sensory Memory

5 Short Term Memory Selective Attention Three Interrelated Systems
Capacity Chunking Maintenance Rehearsal

6 Long Term Memory Capacity Duration Elaborative Rehearsal
Types of Long Term Memory Procedural Declarative Sematic Episodic

7 Long Term Memory Organization Retrieval Automatic Encoding
Semantic Network Model Retrieval Retrieval Cues Encoding Specificity Recall Recognition Automatic Encoding

8 Reconstructive Nature
Constructive Process of Memories Memory Retrieval Problems

9 Forgetting Ebbinghaus and the forgetting curve Distributed practice
Encoding Failure Memory Trace Delay Theory Interference Theory

10 Physical Aspects of memory
Neural activity Hippocampus Amnesia Retrograde amnesia Anterograde amnesia Infantile Amnesia Alzheimers

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