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To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide

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Chapter What does Jem admit to Scout about his pants?

Chapter What does Tom admit about passing the Ewell home on his way to work? He admits he has helped her many times. (p. 191) 98. How did Mayella.

To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide

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1 To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide
Harper Lee

2 Chapter 1 1. Who is the narrator? Scout
2. Who is Simon Finch and what did he establish? Simon Finch is an ancestor of Scout. He traveled across the Atlantic, up the Alabama River and settled Finch’s Landing. (p. 3-4)

3 Chapter 1 3. Jack Finch leaves Alabama. Where does he travel?
Jack Finch leaves Alabama to study medicine in Boston. (p. 4) 4. Who stayed behind on the farm? Atticus and Jack’s sister stayed behind. Aunt Alexandra (p. 4)

4 Chapter 1 5. What is Atticus’s occupation? Lawyer (p. 4)
6. Who helps Atticus to raise his two children, Jem and Scout? Calpurnia (p. 6) 7. How does Jem feel when he thinks of his Mother? He is saddened. He often leaves the children while they are playing and stays behind the car house. (p. 6)

5 Chapter 1 8. Describe the first meeting between the Finch children and Dill. Dill appears in Mrs. Rachel’s collard patch. He professes he can read. (p. 7) 9. How does Dill suggest the children spend their time? Dill wants to spend the summer trying to get Boo Radley out of his house. (p. 8)

6 Chapter 1 10. Describe the myth of Boo Radley. Myth of Boo Radley:
Arthur (Boo) Radley stabs father with a pair of scissors. Sheriff takes Boo and locks him in basement of courthouse. Mr. Radley does not want his son in an asylum, so he locks him in Radley house. Radley house is overgrown, the roof sags, shutters and doors remained closed, paint has faded. After a while Maycomb blames Boo for anything mysterious: dead animals, frozen azaleas, poison pecans. (p. 8-10)

7 Chapter 1 11. Who takes care of Boo?
His brother, Mr. Nathan Radley (p. 11) 12. What does Dill dare Jem to do? Dill dares Jem to touch the Radley house. (p. 13) 13. What do the children believe they see from the house? The children believe they see an inside shutter move. (p. 15)

8 Chapter 2 14. How does Miss Caroline treat Scout on her first day of school? She dislikes that she can already read. (p. 17) 15. What does Miss Caroline offer Walter Cunningham? A quarter for lunch. (p. 19)

9 Chapter 2 16. How does Miss Caroline react when Scout talks about Walter being poor? She thinks it’s an insult towards Walter. She punishes Scout. (p. 20) 17. Describe the Cunningham family. The Cunningham family are hard workers. They are poor and accept no charity. They pay Atticus for legal advice with hickory nuts and turnip greens. (p. 20)

10 Chapter 3 18. On her first day of school, what happens to Scout?
She fights with Walter Cunningham. (p. 22) 19. Jem breaks up the fight. What does he do to Walter? Jem invites Walter to lunch at his house. (p. 23)

11 Chapter 3 20. At the table, what does Walter want? Why?
Molasses. It’s sweet and he doesn’t have it at home. (p. 24) 21. How does Calpurnia discipline Scout? She tells Scout she should be more hospitable because Walter is her guest. (p. 24)

12 Chapter 3 22. What is known about Burris Ewell? The Ewell family?
Burris has bugs in his hair. He is rude to Mrs. Caroline. The Ewell family has the reputation of being extremely poor and disrespectful. (p. 26) 23. Why does Atticus say Scout must attend school? The law says she must. (p. 29)

13 Chapter 4 24. What is the first thing Scout finds in the Radley tree?
Gum (p. 33) 25. How does Jem react to Scout’s findings? He makes her spit out the gum. (p. 33) 26. What do the children find in the tree on the last day of school? Two Indian Head pennies (p. 34)

14 Chapter 4 27. What happens to Scout in the tire?
She rolls into the Radley yard. (p. 37) 28. What do the children think they hear from the Radley house? Laughter (p. 41)

15 Chapter 4 29. Describe the Boo Radley game.
The children reenact the stories they have heard of Boo Radley. (p. 38) 30. Why do Jem and Scout lie to Atticus? They lie so they will not be punished for playing the Boo Radley game. (p. 40)

16 Chapter 5 31. Why does Scout feel left out? Who does she talk with?
Dill and Jem become closer. She talks with Mrs. Maudie. (p. 41) 32. What does Mrs. Maudie tell Scout about Boo Radley? Mrs. Maudie tells Scout Boo is alive and when he was young he was gentle and polite. (p. 43)

17 Chapter 5 33. How do Jem and Dill attempt to invite Boo Radley out for ice cream? They want to use a fishing pole to throw a note inside the Radley house. (p. 46) 34. Who catches them? Atticus (p. 48)

18 Chapter 6 35. On Dill’s last day, what do the children attempt to do?
They sneak into the Radley back yard to catch a glimpse of Boo Radley. (p. 51) 36. What do the children see once they reach the back porch? They see a large shadow. (p. 53) 37. What does Jem lose as he tries to escape the Radley yard? His pants. (p. 53)

19 Chapter 6 38. What does Mrs. Stephanie Crawford tell the children?
She tells them Mr. Nathan Radley is waiting with his gun for anyone who comes into his yard. (p. 54) 39. When Atticus notices Jem in not wearing pants, what does Jem say? He tells his father they were playing strip poker. (p. 54)

20 Chapter 7 40. What does Jem admit to Scout about his pants?
He admits when he returned for his pants that they were untangled from the fence, mended and folded neatly. (p. 58) 41. What do the children find in the tree? What do they do with it? They find a gray ball of twine. They suspect it could belong to one of their classmates. They watch it for three days before they take it. (p )

21 Chapter 7 42. Describe the soap carvings the children find.
The soap carvings resemble the children. They recognize they are being watched. (p. 59) 43. List other items the children find the tree. Pocket watch, spelling bee medal, more gum, a knife (p. 60) 44. What reason does Nathan Radley give for filling the knothole? He says the tree is dying. (p. 63)

22 Chapter 8 45. Why is school canceled? It snows. (p. 64)
46. What do the children do with their time off? They build a snowman. (p. 66) 47. Who does the snowman resemble? Mr. Avery (p. 67)

23 Chapter 8 48. What happens to Mrs. Maudie? Her house burns. (p. 69)
49. Describe the experience of Scout during the fire. During the fire, Boo puts a blanket around Scout’s shoulders. (p. 71)

24 Chapter 8 50. Who does Jem tell about the knothole? What is his reaction? Jem tells Atticus. Atticus says they should keep it to themselves so as not to draw more attention to the Radley’s. (p. 72)

25 Chapter 9 51. Why does Scout fight with Cecil Jacobs?
Cecil calls Atticus names. (p. 74) 52. Who is Tom Robinson and why does Atticus agree to help him? Tom Robinson is a black man accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Atticus defends him because it is the right thing to do. (p. 75)

26 Chapter 9 53. Where does the Finch family go for the Christmas holidays? Finch’s Landing 54. How does Aunt Alexandra criticize Scout? She says she needs to dress and act more feminine. (p. 81)

27 Chapter 9 55. Why does Scout fight with Francis?
Francis calls Atticus names. (p. 81) 56. How does Jack react to the fight with Francis? Jack punishes Scout without listening to the explanation. (p. 84)

28 Chapter 9 57. Describe the conversation that Scout overhears between Atticus and Jack. Scout overhears Atticus saying that there is no way he can save Tom. Tom will be found guilty. This disappoints Scout. (p. 88)

29 Chapter 10 58. What does Mrs. Maudie confess about Atticus?
He is a great shot and an excellent checker player. (p ) 59. Describe Atticus’ speech concerning the mockingbird. Atticus says that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. They are innocent creatures who do nothing but sing for us. (p. 90)

30 Chapter 11 60. Who is Mrs. Dubose?
An old lady who insults Atticus saying he is no better than the trash he defends. (p. 99) 61. How does Jem react to the comments of Mrs. Dubose? He gets angry and takes Scout’s baton and destroys her flowers. (p. 103)

31 Chapter 11 62. What is Jem’s punishment?
He has to read to Mrs. Dubose. (p. 105) 63. Describe Jem and Scout’s time at Mrs. Dubose’s home. After a while of reading to her, Mrs. Dubose begins to have fits. The children are asked to leave. (p )

32 Chapter 11 64. What happens to Mrs. Dubose?
A month after Jem completes his punishment, Mrs. Dubose dies. (p. 110) 65. What secret does Atticus reveal about Mrs. Dubose? Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict. She had been sick for years and she was attempting in her last months to stop taking the medicine. The children were a distraction. (p. 111)

33 Chapter 12 66. Why does Dill not come to Maycomb for the summer?
He has a new father and the new father is going to play games and help him build a fishing boat. (p. 116) 67. Where does Atticus travel? Why? Montgomery. He serves on the state legislature. (p. 116) 68. Where does Calpurnia take the children? First Purchase (p. 118)

34 Chapter 12 69. Describe the experience with Calpurnia. What do the children see? Learn? For the first time, the children experience the African-American community. They recognize the congregation does not have hymnals. Some cannot read and Zeebo, Calpurnia’s son, leads them in song. The congregation takes an offering for Tom’s wife, Helen. (p ) 70. When the children return home, who is waiting for them? Alexandra (p. 126)

35 Chapter 13 71. Why does Aunt Alexandra say she has come to stay with the Finch family? To teach Scout to be feminine. (p. 127) 72. How does Alexandra treat Scout? She tries to change her. (p )

36 Chapter 14 73. How does Aunt Alexandra react when she learns of the trip to First Purchase? She attempts to have Calpurnia fired. (p. 135) 74. Why do Jem and Scout fight? Jem tells Scout not to antagonize her Aunt. (p. 137)

37 Chapter 14 75. What do the children find in Scout’s room?
Dill (p. 139) 76. Why did Dill run away? His father broke his promise and didn’t play with him. (p. 140) 77. Describe Dill’s journey to Maycomb. Dill says his father kept him chained in the basement. He escaped and joined a traveling animal show. Finally he crossed the river into Maycomb. (p. 140)

38 Chapter 15 78. As the trial nears, where does Heck Tate move Tom Robinson? The sheriff brings him back to the jail. (p ) 79. What are Alexandra’s opinions concerning the trial? She thinks it’s a bad idea for Atticus to attempt to protect Tom. She thinks it insults the good Finch name. (p. 147)

39 Chapter 15 80. Describe the scene at the jail between Atticus, the mob and the children. The children follow Atticus to the jail and stand between the mob and Atticus. (p. 152) 81. What does Jem do when he is told to return home? Why is this important? Jem refuses to leave. He is growing into a man and behaving much like his father. (p. 152) 82. What sends the mob away? Scout asks Walter Cunningham to tell his son hello. Her innocent words change Walter. (p. 153)

40 Chapter 15 83. What does Mr. Underwood do during this scene?
He is standing behind Atticus in the dark with a gun. (p. 155)

41 Chapter 16 84. Describe Maycomb as the trial begins.
The town is chaotic. People from across the county have come. (p ) 85. Why does Mrs. Maudie refuse to attend the trial? She says it will be like a Roman carnival and she doesn’t want to watch Tom fight for his life. (p. 159)

42 Chapter 16 86. Where do the children sit at the trial? Who helps them find a place to sit? They sit in the balcony. Reverend Sykes helps them find a seat. (p. 164) 87. Who is the Judge? What is known about him? Judge Taylor. He rules his courtroom with a “firm grip.” (p. 165)

43 Chapter 17 88. Describe the evidence presented by Heck Tate at the trial. The sheriff says he arrived at the Ewell house, Mayella was beaten. He confesses to Atticus that no doctor was called and she was beaten on her right side. 89. Describe the testimony of Bob Ewell. Bob said he was returning with firewood, he heard Mayella scream, he saw Tom attacking her and Tom ran away.

44 Chapter 17 90. Why does Bob Ewell say no doctor was called?
It would cost five dollars. (p. 175) 91. How does Atticus reveal that Bob Ewell is left-handed? What does this imply? He asks Bob to write his name. He reveals he is left-handed and Atticus implies that Bob beat his daughter. (p. 177)

45 Chapter 18 92. Describe Mayella as she takes the stand.
She is nervous and afraid of being tricked by Atticus. (p ) 93. Describe Mayella’s testimony. She accuses Tom. She supports her father’s testimony. (p ) 94. While being cross-examined, Mayella admits how she feels. Describe this. She says she is lonely in the Ewell home. Atticus uses this to prove she became infatuated with Tom Robinson. (p. 183)

46 Chapter 18 95. Why could Tom not physically have committed this crime?
Tom’s left hand was destroyed in a cotton gin when he was a child. (p. 185) 96. When Atticus begs Mayella to tell the truth, how does she react? She calls the court and Atticus cowards. (p. 188)

47 Chapter 19 97. What does Tom admit about passing the Ewell home on his way to work? He admits he has helped her many times. (p. 191) 98. How did Mayella coax Tom into the house? She said she needed help to repair the door. (p. 191)

48 Chapter 19 99. According to Tom, where were the children?
The children were in town getting ice cream. (p. 193) 100. As Tom removes a box from the top of the dresser, what does Mayella do? Mayella grabs his legs. Tom jumps down. She attempts to kiss him. (p. 193)

49 Chapter 19 101. How does Link Deas react during the trial?
He stands up and says Tom is a hard-working man and he has never had a problem with him in eight years. (p. 195) 102. What does the prosecution reveal about Tom’s past? He was arrested years ago for disorderly conduct. (p. 196)

50 Chapter 19 103. What does Tom say (as Mr. Gilmer questions him) that shocks the court? He says he felt sorry for Mayella. (p. 197) 104. How does Dill react to this testimony? Who helps him? He cries. Scout escorts him outside. (p. 198)

51 Chapter 20 105. Describe the children’s experience with Mr. Raymond.
Mr. Raymond appears as a drunk. He offers Dill something from his bottle. It turns out to be Coca-Cola. He has misrepresented himself because he is married to an African-American woman and has mulatto children. (p. 200)

52 Chapter 20 106. In Atticus’ final remarks, he mentions three important pieces of evidence. Name them. Medical evidence, physical evidence, and the inability of the town to accept the notion that Mayella Ewell, a white woman, was infatuated with Tom Robinson. (p ) 107. Why does Calpurnia arrive at the courthouse? She is looking for the children. (p. 206)

53 Chapter 21 108. Who points out the children in the courthouse?
Mr. Underwood (p. 206) 109. What does Atticus say about the children being in the courthouse? He tells them to go home, eat supper slowly and they can return for the verdict. (p. 207)

54 Chapter 21 110. What is the verdict of the court? Guilty (p. 211)
111. How does the balcony react as Atticus leaves the courtroom? They stand as he leaves the building. (p. 211)

55 Chapter 22 112. How does Jem react over the decision of the court?
He believes it isn’t fair. He cries. (p. 212) 113. What does Mrs. Maudie say about some of the people in Maycomb? She tells Jem that some men (Atticus) are chosen to do unpleasant jobs, but there are people attempting to help. (p. 215)

56 Chapter 22 114. Mrs. Maudie gives a sign of progress. What is it?
The jury takes times to make the decision. Although they find Tom guilty, it is sign of progress. (p. 216) 115. What story does Mrs. Crawford tell the children concerning Atticus and Bob Ewell? Bob spits in Atticus’ face and tells him he would get him if it took the rest of his life. (p. 217)

57 Chapter 23 116. How does Atticus react to the behavior of Bob Ewell?
He is calm. He merely says he wished Bob would not chew tobacco. He does not see Bob as a threat. (p. 217) 117. Where has Tom been sent? Enfield Prison Farm in Chester County (p. 219)

58 Chapter 23 118. When Scout asks about Tom, Atticus tells her the truth. What does he tell her? Atticus tells Scout that Tom faces the electric chair. (p. 219) 119. What truth does Atticus reveal to Jem? Atticus tells Jem that many people have been convicted in the same way as Tom Robinson. The world is often unfair. (p. 219)

59 Chapter 23 120. Name the juror who wanted to acquit Tom Robinson.
Walter Cunningham (p. 222) 121. What does Alexandra think about having the Cunningham’s to the house? She says they are trash and unwelcome in the Finch home. (p. 224) 122. Jem and Scout discuss the class system in Maycomb. What do they say about Boo Radley? They say Boo stays locked away because he wants to. For the first time, the children are envious of Boo Radley. (p. 227)

60 Chapter 24 123. What happens to Tom Robinson in prison?
He is shot seventeen times and killed. (p. 235) 124. Why does Alexandra question Atticus’ loyalty to the family? She believes that since Tom is dead Atticus will stop his pursuit of justice. (p. 235)

61 Chapter 25 125. Describe the situation with the roly-poly.
The roly-poly is a symbol of Jem’s growth. He recognizes the value of life in everything whether it be the mockingbird, Tom or a small, insignificant roly-poly. (p. 238)

62 Chapter 25 126. How does the town react to the actions of Tom Robinson? They talk about it for two days then forget. They say it is typical. (p. 240) 127. How does Bob Ewell react to the death of Tom Robinson? He says that it’s one down and two to go. (p. 241)

63 Chapter 26 128. As the children pass the Radley house, they no longer fear him. What does Scout want? Scout simply wants to see him. (p. 242) 129. What discussion angers Jem? Scout talks about her new teacher, Mrs. Gates, who hates Hitler, but is overheard talking badly about the African-American community after the Tom Robinson trial. She says Tom got what he deserved. It illustrates the inability of Maycomb to change. (p )

64 Chapter 27 130. Who does Bob Ewell blame for the loss of his job?
Atticus (p. 248) 131. What does Judge Taylor see on his back porch? a shadow (p. 248) 132. How does Bob Ewell treat Helen? Bob follows her to work, curses her and throws rocks. (p )

65 Chapter 27 133. How does Scout dress from the Halloween pageant?
a ham (p. 253) 134. Who takes Scout to the play? Jem (p. 254)

66 Chapter 28 135. Who scares the children on their way to the pageant?
Cecil Jacobs (p. 255) 136. Why does Scout miss her entrance during the pageant? She has fallen asleep while Mrs. Merriweather was talking. (p. 258) 137. How does Scout feel about missing her entrance? She is embarrassed. This causes her to wait with Jem until everyone has left the school. The two then walk home alone. (p. 259)

67 Chapter 28 138. What do the children hear on their way home?
They hear footsteps behind them. The footsteps stop each time the children stop walking. (p. 260) 139. Describe the attack on the children. Bob Ewell stalks the children through the woods. He attempts to kill both Jem and Scout. He breaks Jem’s arm and knocks him out. Bob is killed by Boo Radley who is protecting the children. (p )

68 Chapter 28 140. When Scout reaches her feet, what does she in the light moving towards the Finch home? She sees a figure carrying Jem towards the Finch home. (p. 262) 141. Describe Jem’s injuries. Jem has a broken arm and is unconscious. (p. 264) 142. When Heck Tate arrives, what does he reveal? Heck reveals that Bob Ewell is dead and his body is lying in the woods with a knife between his ribs. (p. 266)

69 Chapter 29 143. What does Heck Tate discover about Scout’s costume?
He shows Atticus where the knife went into the costume. He admits the costume saved Scout’s life. (p. 269) 144. Who is the pale character in the corner of the room that saved Jem? Boo Radley (p. 270)

70 Chapter 30 145. What do Atticus and Heck Tate argue about on the front porch? Atticus says that if Jem is guilty of killing Bob Ewell he must take responsibility. Heck explains that Jem couldn’t have killed Bob. It must have been Boo. Heck creates the story that Bob fell on his knife to protect Boo from the attention of the town. (p )

71 Chapter 31 146. Describe the situation in the final chapter between Scout and Boo Radley. Scout walks Boo Radley back to his home. They walk arm in arm. Scout for the first time “sees” Boo as a hero rather than a ghost. When he closes the door, she never sees him again. (p )

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