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Jeopardy Test Review Game

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1 Jeopardy Test Review Game
Endocrine System Jeopardy Test Review Game

2 General Info Hormones Glands Misc. More Misc. 100 200 300 400 500

3 What other body system works together with the endocrine system to control the body’s daily activities?

4 nervous system

5 An individual’s body becomes able to reproduce during what stage of development?

6 adolescence (puberty)

7 When the amount of a hormone reaches a certain level, the endocrine system stops the release of that hormone.—This is an example of what type of mechanism.

8 Negative Feedback

9 The endocrine system produces chemical messages called ___________.

10 hormones

11 What are the cells that are affected by a hormone called
What are the cells that are affected by a hormone called? (Hint: lock and key)

12 target cells

13 Name two female hormones.

14 estrogen and progesterone

15 True or False: Hormones can speed up, slow down, turn off, or turn on activities of different organs in the body.

16 true

17 What hormone is produced by the adrenal glands?

18 adrenaline

19 What hormone released by the pancreas helps to lower blood sugar?

20 insulin

21 What hormone is responsible for the disorder known as giantism?

22 human growth hormone---HGH

23 Which endocrine gland helps to regulate metabolism?

24 thyroid

25 Which gland controls the release of energy from food molecules?

26 pancreas

27 What gland controls secondary sex characterisitics in males?

28 testes

29 Which gland communicates with the hypothalamus to control many body activities?

30 pituitary

31 Which gland produces digestive enzymes and insulin?

32 pancreas

33 Which endocrine gland is found in the male’s body but not in a female’s?

34 testes

35 Where are the testes located?

36 in the scrotum

37 Which gland is sometimes referred to as the “master gland”?

38 pituitary

39 Which gland triggers the body’s response to emergencies?

40 adrenals

41 What type of gland releases chemical products through tubes?

42 exocrine glands

43 Which endocrine gland communicates with the hypothalamus to control body activities and growth and development?

44 pituitary gland

45 The endocrine system often uses a negative feedback process to help maintain _____________ (balance).

46 homeostasis

47 The word “hormone” means _______. a. month b. heart c
The word “hormone” means _______. a. month b. heart c. to excite or set in motion d. to enter the blood

48 c. to excite or set in motion

49 Hormones are carried through the body by the ____________.

50 blood

51 Which glands are located on top of the kidneys?

52 adrenals

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