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2 Photo from:

3 Image from:

4 Image from: Indonesian girls

5 Image from:

6 Image from: http://media.cana 070304/212108- 66795.jpg

7 Images from: across-this-website-of-mania.html

8 Image from: african-american-for-wearing-hijab/

9 Brides (Wedding outfits) Image from:

10 Image from: cus/news/2325 125/posts

11 Image from: Olympic runners wearing hijab I have been wearing the hijab since I was a 10-year-old girl and will observe it forever. Hijab has not affected the results of my competitions. I love hijab, said Al Ghasara.

12 This is the girl who is quoted in the CNN story.

13 Image from:

14 Image from: http://5pillar.files.wordp nter2.jpg

15 Image from:

16 Image from: http://www.henn ngeorge/archive s/000964.html

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