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RFP Kickoff Meeting November 19, 2012. Welcome Bidding Requirements Project Requirements.

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1 RFP Kickoff Meeting November 19, 2012

2 Welcome Bidding Requirements Project Requirements

3 What is discussed today is informational only, meant to assist interested teams in the pursuit of this project. The ultimate contract requirements will be included in the Request for Proposals (RFP).

4 Instruction to Proposers

5 Section 2 Procurement Schedule ATC Submittal Due Date: December 10, 2012 Clarification Submittal Deadline: January 7, 2012 Technical Proposal Due Date: January 10, 2012 Price Proposals: January 21, 2013 Public Opening Date: February 1, 2013 Section 6.4 STIPEND - $20,000

6 Section 1.4 Project Goals Safety Quality Innovation Schedule and Budget Maintain contract through December 1, 2015 Section 1.5 Change in Proposers Organization Section 1.7 Estimated Cost 30 additional intersections up to $6 million Section 1.8 DBE – 8% (no DBE meet & greet) - No Trainees (OJT)

7 Section 3.4 – Communication to Ken Hansen Use Clarification Request Form on MnDOT DB webpage Section 3.6- Addenda/Clarification posted to website E-mail notice to each team single point of contact ATC – Must be equal of better All areas of contract are open Radar, magnetometer, and other detection need ATC (Book 2, Section 17)

8 Section 4.2.2 – Due between 7:30 and 10 am Section 4.2.3 – Follow font sizes Section 4.2.4 – Org Chart – Need approval to change from SOQ Section – 100 Points 50 Points for being responsive 35 Points – Quality 10 Points – Exceeding Delay Alert Requirements 5 Points – Reduce 21 day construction time

9 4.3.1 – Submit Electronically Item NumberItem DescriptionComments 2021.601 MobilizationNot to exceed 5% of the Contract Price. 2016.601 Quality Management Includes Test Case 2, Test Case 4, and Test Case 5 of Book 2, Section 17, Exhibit 17-C. 2011.601 Design Services Includes all design, survey, utility coordination and geotechnical engineering. 2545.601 Electric Lighting SystemsIncludes the installation of intersection lighting. 2564.601 Traffic Signs and DevicesIncludes the installation of the RICWS systems. 2560.601 Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Signals Includes boring under the railroad, installing handholes on each side of the railroad R/W, and other costs associated with working on or near the Railroad R/W per the railroad agreement and Contract requirements. Crossing signal installation is not required.

10 Item/Line No.Description# of SitesUnitItem Total 2021.601 Mobilization * 1Region A - Mobilization2Each$ 2Region B - Mobilization12Each$ 3Region C - Mobilization6Each$ TOTAL (must match item 2021.601)Lump Sum$ 2011.601 Design Services ** 1Type I - Design15Each$ 2Type III - Design2Each$ 3Type IV - Design3Each$ TOTAL (must match item 2011.601)Lump Sum$ 2564.601 Traffic Signs and Devices Construction** 1Type I - Construction15Each$ 3Type III - Construction2Each$ 4Type IV - Construction3Each$ TOTAL (must match item 2564.601)Lump Sum$ * Region A = MnDOT Districts 1, 2 and 4 Region B = MnDOT District 3, 6 and Metro Region C = MnDOT District 7 and 8 ** Type I = 4-Way Intersection (Book 2, Exhibit 1- A) Type III = T Intersection (Book 2, Exhibit 1- C) Type IV = 4-Way Divided Intersection (Book 2, Exhibit 1- D)

11 Intersection lighting cost per intersection: MnDOT will divide the item 2545.601 (Electric Lighting Systems) by 2 sites. Boring under railroad costs per location: MnDOT will divide the item 2560.601 (Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Signals) by 4 sites. )

12 Additional Allowances ItemUnitUnit Cost Region A – MobilizationEach Site$ Region B – MobilizationEach Site$ Region C – MobilizationEach Site$ Type I – DesignEach Site$ Type III – DesignEach Site$ Type IV – DesignEach Site$ Type I – ConstructionEach Site$ Type III – ConstructionEach Site$ Type IV – ConstructionEach Site$ Intersection LightingEach Site$ RailroadEach Site$

13 Form 6 Not used in BV Selection Only Apparent Best-Value needs to submit Extended Warranty Option 1 – 2017 Option 2 - 2018

14 Book 1 Book 2

15 No reliance on RID Completion Deadlines (Section 4) 20 intersections by Dec 1, 2013 120 Days for each ID/IQ RICWS All work done by Dec 1, 2015 Final Acceptance 100 Days Warranty Bond of $120,000 (Section 8)

16 Section 10 - MnDOT shall be considered to have Accepted maintenance liability at each Site which are 100% complete as of such date and accepted of the RICWS turn on test. Contractor must still warrant

17 Lump Sum Project for bid value Payment per Book 2, Section 2 SOVs Payment on % Complete Additional Intersections (ID/IQ) Up to 30 more or $6,000,000 Not guaranteed ($, quality) Work Authorization per Unilateral Change Order Payment per Exhibit K Timeline per Section 4 Contractor must still warrant

18 Additional Allowances for ID/IQ 4-Way w/Island = Type I + additional detection Additional signs Power connections per invoice Mounting RICWS on bridges or boring under waterway Additional items requested by MnDOT Inflation factors Contractor must still warrant

19 Liquidated Damages Warranty Lighting RICWS – All expire on Dec 1, 2016 Warranty Extensions MnDOT to monitor, Contractor may also Threshold Limits Warranty Close-out Turn-over test per Test Case 7 at each Site. LD for re-tests

20 District# RICWS 12 20 35 40 66 72 84 Metro1 1 st Site: TH 7 & Carver CSAH 33

21 Design Coordination Meetings In-Progress Design Review (weekly) Over-the-Shoulder Reviews (as needed) Construction Progress (weekly/by-weekly)

22 Submittals Schedules Quality Manual (Template Provided) Release for Construction Docs Shop Drawings As-Builts Product Data Sheets Material Testing


24 Right of Way Contractor shall secure R/W maps to confirm R/W in Design RFC and As-Built drawings shall accurately depict R/W from the R/W maps.

25 As-Builts Require X & Y GPS locations Lighting Units Cabinets Source of Power Handholes Detection Devices Underground cable & Conduit Every Junction Cable as Line Geometry Vertex points every 100ft or change in direction

26 Lighting (2 Sites) Typical Rural Lighting - 2 cobra head luminaires Separate Conduit from RICWS System Signing Supports Meet 2001 AASHTO Breakaway Requirements

27 Signing Minor Road: 36x36 8 LED Alternating Flashers 30x24 When Flashing Major Road: 2-Lane 4-Lane W3-X8A W3-X8 48x48 66x42 12 LED Flasher 8 LED Alt Flasher 42x24 When Flashing

28 Detection Acceptance through ATC Process Electrical Power One service cabinet at each facility – including existing lighting MnDOT will reimburse Utility Service Invoice for connections

29 Testing (Test Plan – Exhibit 17 C) Integration Demo (Test Case 2) 30 Day Fort Snelling Test Require acceptance of Contractor testing procedure Will hold system at Fort Snelling until completion of Reliability Demo Reliability Demonstration (Test Case 5) 30 Day Caver County LD after 38 Days

30 Rail Roads 4 of 20 near RR 2 near BNSF and 2 near CP MnDOT will provide RR Agreements and 1 day of RR Flagging Proceeding with agreements using Exhibits 21A-D

31 Oversight Consultant Design Review Testing (Cases 1, 3, 4, 6, & 7) Construction Inspection Warranty Evaluation University of Minnesota Testing (Case 5)


33 Ken Hansen ITS Project Manager Office of Traffic, Safety, and Technology (651)234-7064 Jay Hietpas Innovative Contracting Director Office of Construction and Innovative Contracting (651)366-4210

34 Exhibit B – System Requirements

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