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Plato Comes to AETC Birmingham, AL June 12, 2003.

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1 Plato Comes to AETC Birmingham, AL June 12, 2003

2 Handout available at: tech/aetc03.htm Plato Comes to

3 The Brawn Chuck Hanke Pelham High Beth Glasgow Technology Resources Introducing Physics, AP Physics, Programming I & II Specializing in Middle School The Brains

4 The Problem Students that do not pass one or more sections of the Alabama Graduation Exam

5 Solutions Reinforce required skills at all grade levels Identify the at risk students Reemphasize the missed skills in the regular high school classroom Offer special remediation classes Offer remediation materials Offer instructional software programs like PLATO

6 What is PLATO? PLATO is a computer-based instructional system designed to enhance the learning process. Additional resources for the teacher What isnt PLATO? plug the student in and the teacher walk away software

7 User roles in PLATO PLATO Administrator –usually a teacher or an aid that is on site and does needed tasks such as adding alignments and creating instructors Instructor – teachers/aids that create classes, student users and assign modules Learners - students

8 PLATO Time Line in Shelby County 1999 – 45 LAN licenses purchased for the Success Program at the Shelby County School of Technology. 2000 – 25 LAN licenses purchased for 9 high schools 2001 - 9 additional LAN licenses for SOT 2002 – 8,10,or 20 LAN licenses purchased for 6 middle schools 2000 – present – approximately a dozen stand-alone licenses purchased for special ed and/or homebound students

9 PLATO Training Time Line in Shelby County Dec 2000 – 2 day training for 2 chosen PLATO administrators at each high school (PLATO) These teachers were asked to go back on site and train their fellow teachers July 2002 – Plato administrator training for middle school teachers (PLATO) Sept 2002 – Principals at each middle school introduced to PLATO in a hour training session (local) Oct 2002 – PLATO Round Table (local)

10 PLATO Time Line in Shelby County cont. Oct 2002 – Integration training in content areas: Reading, Writing, Math (PLATO, ½ day each) Oct 2002 – Additional ½ day administrative training (PLATO) Nov 2002 – On-site instructional training (local) Dec 2002 - On-site instructional training (local) Feb 2003 – On-site instructional training (local) Feb 2003 - On-site instructional training (local) Feb 2003 – PLATO for ESL (local) Mar 2003 – PLATO in the Content Areas (local)

11 PLATO Instructional Models Skill Development (remediation) Review/Reinforcement (reinforce classroom teaching) Enrichment (additional activities) Problem Solving (applied learning)

12 PLATO Courseware see Scope and Sequence Curriculum Courses Modules Tutorial Application or Drill Mastery Test

13 Shelby County School of Technology Columbiana, Alabama Graduation Exam 02-03 -School of Success Students 10/23 Reading 4/4 Science 9/23 Language 5/25 Math

14 Calera High School of the 2003 graduates passed the High School Graduation Exam 02-03 100%

15 Pelham High School of the 2003 graduates passed the High School Graduation Exam 02-03 100%

16 PLATO Technical Considerations Workstation requirements Network requirements Server requirements Tech Support considerations Setup and Upgrading

17 Workstation Requirements Operating Systems Supported XP Professional XP Home Windows 2000 SP2 Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP 6a Windows ME Windows 95/98 SE

18 Workstation Requirements Hardware Minimum: Pentium II 233 MHz 64 MB RAM Win 95/98/ME 128 MB RAM NT/2000/XP Preferred: Pentium III 450 MHz 128 MB RAM Win 95/98/ME 256 MB NT/2000/XP

19 Workstation Requirements Hardware Screen resolution: 800 x 600 High Color (16 bit) Small fonts Hard drive: 20 GB

20 Network Requirements Network Software Windows 2000 Server Windows NT 4.0 SP6a Novell 4.1, 5.0 Network Cabling Category 5 copper, 4 twisted pairs, 100m runs Optical Fiber

21 Network Requirements Network Speed 100 MBps Network Switches and Routers Cisco 2600 router Cisco Catalyst 3500 ethernet switch GB capable Cisco Catalyst 2950 ethernet switch 10/100MB

22 Network Requirements Network Equipment Closets Smart UPS Telephone Equipment Racks

23 Server Requirements Minimum: Pentium II 233 MHz 256 MB RAM Preferred: Pentium III 600 MHz 512 MB RAM (dedicated Plato) Drives: CD-ROM 8x or faster Hard drive 40 GB

24 Tech Support Considerations Network Technicians (local) PLATO Tech Support Workstation Technicians (local) On-site PLATO Administrator (local)

25 Setup and Upgrading Requirements Functioning Network Server Setup for Installation Workstation Setup and Networked System Installation Courseware Installation Alignments Enter Users Upgrades

26 __ Database corruption problems Courseware and database files not secure Need for substantial training + Results can be seen Students overall enjoy working independently on the program/computer The curriculum/software is deep and wide

27 Helpful Resources System requirements Utilities Guide for PLATO Pathways pdf PLATO SUPPORT SERVICES Web site: Support Request: Email Voice:

28 PLATO representatives Chris Roberts 205-939-0019 Account Manager for Alabama Robin Daugherty800-869-2058 Client Services Manager Kyle Hall District Manager South Central District

29 Thanks for coming to Plato Comes to Questions ?? Email Chuck or Beth

30 Handout available at: tech/aetc03.htm Plato Comes to

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