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Teaching to Tunes Ginger Hewitt, LNLC Carol Spain, MVES.

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1 Teaching to Tunes Ginger Hewitt, LNLC Carol Spain, MVES

2 Todays Topics Basics of iTunes Precautions Applying iTunes across the curriculum Frustrations of iTunes

3 Basics of iTunes Free download – –Works for PCs or Macs –Organizes digital music and video files

4 Basics of iTunes Importing music –Compiles all your CDs into one place –Time-consuming but worth it –Be prepared with plenty of storage 4,000 songs equals about 10G Exporting music –Same iTunes library for home and for work My documents My music iTunes library

5 Basics of iTunes Sorting music –Artist –Title –Album –Song length –Genre –Rating –Play count –Shuffle Sorting music –Artist –Title –Album –Song length –Genre –Rating –Play count –Shuffle Sorting music –Artist –Title –Album –Song length –Genre –Rating –Play count –Shuffle

6 Basics of iTunes Creating playlists –By subject, personal favorites, etc. Playing music –Computer iTunes (with computer speakers) –Ipod Headphones or earbuds or car transmitter –Sounddock/speakers Remote control helpful

7 Be Aware… Lyrics in songs –Proofread lyrics/listen carefully before utilizing in instruction One example is Make sure the lyrics match the version youre using –Kidfriendly versions Radio Disney Kidbopz Now collections

8 Be Aware… Copyright and Fair Use Policies Music must be purchased by you –Playing CD [for story time] is okay Copying music –Can copy and use up to 10% in multimedia presentation (fair use) –Must have written permission for publications or public presentations

9 iTunes Across the Curriculum Literacy Social Studies Science Math Everyday Life Physical Education

10 iTunes with Literacy Younger Grades –Going on a Bear Hunt Prepositional phrases –There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Reading predictability/repetition –The Swing (1881) by Robert Louis Stevenson Turning poetry into song (1887 by Koven) Song with video (Cedarmont Kids, 1997)

11 iTunes with Literacy Older Grades –Comparing/Contrasting versions and remakes Bon Jovis fast vs. slow versions of Livin on a Prayer/Prayer 94 –Satire Weird Al Yankevick Bob Rivers –Developing poetry into musical Cats (1981 musical) from TS Eliots book Old Possums Book of Practical Cats (1939) –Developing music into movie/musical Abbas music into Mamma Mia

12 iTunes with Social Studies Younger Grades –American History Patriotic songs –Multiculturalism Wiggles –Geography Mnemonic devices, i.e. States/Capitols –Careers with songs written about them On the Road Again about traveling The Barnyard Song about farming Play My Music about performing musicians

13 iTunes with Social Studies Older Grades –Historical Periods Swing era 1930s –Big Band music Civil War –When Johnny Comes Marching Home –Current events Demonstrations of local performances –Create cultural atmosphere Vivaldis The Four Seasons Polka music for Oktoberfest –Research biographies of musical artists Demo their music

14 iTunes with Science Younger Grades –Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Read book and sing song –Old MacDonald Had a Farm Discuss animals and appropriate sounds –Dr. Jean Her songs are listed by subject area (6 pages!) All subjects, including science, reading, social studies, school, procedures, math, etc.

15 iTunes with Dr. Jean

16 iTunes with Dr. Jean

17 iTunes with Science Older Grades –One never knows what devices others have come up with for teaching assorted concepts –Cool websites –Science songs for teaching Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Dinosaurs, Physical Science and Earth Science –Assorted science songs for secondary curriculum

18 iTunes with Podcasting A podcast is a series of media files, usually digital, audio, or video, that is made available for download via web syndication. (from Examples of podcasts for science –Students website with assorted podcasts –Great for weather updates Naming –Originally, Podcast = iPod + broadcast –Changed to Personal, On-Demand broadcast

19 iTunes with Podcasting

20 iTunes with Music Genre awareness –Jazz –Oldies –Patriotic Music appreciation –Tempo Fast and slow songs –Patterns Classic songs Crescendo/decrescendo

21 iTunes with Math Basic concepts –Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication Rock by Schoolhouse Rock –Skip counting Can Cockatoos Count by Twos? by Hap Palmer –Subtraction Zack the Zebra by Happy Hatters Ten in the Bed by Cedarmont Kids –Forming numbers The Numeral Song by Dr. Jean

22 iTunes for Everyday Workout playlists –Personally motivating music –Fast, fast, slow, fast, fast, slow –Create playlist for housework and make it fun Audiobooks –Great for walking Or, can just use books on CD with walkman

23 iTunes for Everyday Classical music for studying/naptimes –The Mozart Effect book by Tom Campbell iPod Touch Applications –Pedometer –Games –Calorie Counter –Calendar –Address book

24 iTunes for Physical Ed Stations/Centers –Can set intervals for station/center rotations –Activities Stepping Stone Ladders Balance Beam

25 iTunes for Physical Ed Movement/ Body Awareness –Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes –Kickboxing with Rocky music –Move the way the music makes you feel- Various Songs

26 iTunes for Physical Ed Dance Unit (patterns) –Popular dances Cha Cha Slide (following directions) –Creative challenges –Cha-Cha Slide while hula-hooping Cupid Shuffle Macarena Hokie Pokie Bunny hop Chicken dance Line Dances

27 iTunes for Physical Ed Rhythm Unit –Lummi Sticks –Tinikling –Attention-getting strategies We are the Champions by Queen –Stomp stomp clap, {repeat}, {repeat}

28 iTunes for Physical Ed Large group games –Mission Impossible game with Mission Impossible theme music –Indiana Jones game with Indiana Jones theme music –Shark games (with Jaws music) with parachute Scooter board game

29 iTunes for Physical Ed Mixing your music Plenty of music mixing software available –Many are free –Most use MP3 format Mix songs together Change tempos Add rotating cue

30 Frustrations of iPods Expensive Locking up –Reformat Accidently deleting music takes time to fix –Must consistently check checkmarks for selections Can take a while to locate individual titles –When lots of songs are in database –Playlists help

31 Frustrations of iTunes MPEG-4 format –iTunes exclusive Can be converted back to MP3 –Takes time –Must buy some conversion programs

32 Frustrations of iTunes iTunes Store –Password required for playing –Not an issue with music purchased from or Also usually cheaper ($.89 song) Back-up music frequently –Especially if purchased from another online source

33 Selected Bibliography Cedarmont Kids –Early Childhood songs across the curriculum Dr. Jean –Songs across the curriculum Kidbopz and Radio Disney –Cleaner versions of popular music Schoolhouse Rock –Songs across the curriculum Teacher and the Rockbots –Science/Social Studies Tony Chestnut –Physical Education Wiggles –Multicultural

34 Questions? For further information or copies of presentation:

35 Thanks and have a great day!!

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