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Examples of Work Zone Best Practices Module 4. Examples of Work Zone Best Practices2 Module Overview Covers current practices and successes in: Policy.

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1 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices Module 4

2 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices2 Module Overview Covers current practices and successes in: Policy Impacts Assessment Significant Projects Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) Data Collection and Analysis and Performance Monitoring Coordinating Multiple Projects Each section includes: State of the practice Best practice examples

3 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices3 Overall Findings Since the Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule we have seen: Enhanced consideration of WZ impacts Earlier planning for work zones More focus on managing work zones Enhanced training More performance measurement Numerous successful practice examples from a variety of agencies have emerged

4 Policy

5 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices5 Work Zone Policy Agencies pulled together several disparate policies and procedures/guidelines Formed a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team (ongoing benefits) Some agencies have established goals and measures for WZ performance (e.g., queues, delay time)

6 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices6 Washington State DOT WZ Policy Establishes roles and expectations for the identified program areas Greater communication and cooperation among all groups by providing a clear understanding of expectations Effective work zone safety and mobility strategies minimize traffic delays and provide a safe environment in which to work and drive." -WSDOT WZ Policy Statement

7 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices7 Maryland State Highway Administration WZ Policy Applies to all work performed on SHA- maintained roads District Offices received extensive training on the policy Careful consideration of WZ impacts should begin during planning and continue through design, construction, and post-construction review… Compliance with this policy will benefit the traveling public by minimizing delays, reducing crashes, and providing greater safety... This policy outlines the procedures to be followed and identifies responsibilities to achieve the desired end result – safer work zones with minimal impact on the traveling public. -MDSHA Work Zone Policy Statement

8 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices8 Michigan DOT WZ Policy Applies to all State trunklines, including freeway and non-freeway facilities Applies to all types of work zones Memos and presentations on policy have been given to all personnel MDOT credits its WZ Safety and Mobility policy as the catalyst to look outside of normal operations when planning, designing, and constructing a project.

9 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices9 Policy Distribution and Training CO - Distributed to divisions through statewide meeting forums ID – 1 day workshop with Regional and District offices Invited people from design, maintenance, construction, and anyone in the surrounding community to review the policy and procedures Considering providing training on policy to utility companies KY – Presentations at conferences, meetings over 2 years AL, ID, MT, NH, NC, and VA - Shared their respective policies with MPOs

10 Impacts Assessment

11 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices11 Impacts Assessment As a result of the Rule, agencies are: Considering WZ impacts earlier in the project development process Enhancing consideration and management of WZ safety and mobility impacts Expanding planning and impacts assessment beyond the project WZ itself to address corridor, network, and regional issues Using analytical traffic modeling to determine impacts of upcoming significant projects Minimizing disruptions on major traffic corridors by optimizing the letting schedule Coordinating projects so that multiple projects do not adversely impact traffic along certain corridors

12 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices12 Ohio DOT MOT Alternatives Analysis Used to identify and analyze potential WZ impacts constraints early in project development Occurs PRIOR to the first detail plan submissions Early enough so that MOT can be used to help: Pick between feasible project alternatives Size structure widths Highlight WZ right-of-way and environmental impacts early enough to do something about them The goal of the MOTAA is to identify potential traffic safety and mobility problems prior to detailed design so that a solution can be engineered into the design.

13 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices13 MOTAA MOT Policy ExceptionStage 1 Design

14 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices14 Ohio DOT MOT Process

15 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices15 Wisconsin DOT Lane Closure Analysis Tool Provides earlier sense of potential delay impacts Covers segments of the freeway/expressway statewide Contains hourly traffic count data Contains pre-calculated estimates of road user delay likely to occur if a lane is closed: Time of day Day of the week Seasons

16 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices16 Maryland SHA Lane Closure Analysis Program Tool to quantify queues and delays from capacity decreases in freeway work zones Compares expected travel demand against WZ capacity on an hour-by-hour basis to estimate delay and queue growth

17 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices17 Project Example: Missouri DOT I-64 Involved repairing/rebuilding 10 miles of roadway and 30 bridges Project estimated to take 6-15 years MoDOT Director challenged his staff to complete construction in 4 years

18 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices18 Missouri DOT I-64 Led to creative thinking, looking further Looked at regional road network Saw they had many more options for MOT Could complete the project in less time Identified and analyzed potential impacts, both before and after bidding the project Led to determination to use full closure with design-build

19 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices19 Missouri DOT I-64 Impacts Assessment Pre-Bidding Regional modeling to predict how traffic would act under different road closure scenarios During bid evaluation Checked contractor plans and models against MoDOT pre-bid models After Contract Award Impacts assessment to develop tables showing: Impacts during each year of construction on major roads and bridge crossings at Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Excess capacity for each road so that detours could be planned Impacts that the I-64 closure would have on transit Impact mitigation strategies developed for the region and documented in the TMP

20 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices20 Benefits of Early Impacts Assessment for I-64 MoDOT was able to: Make improvements to alternate routes before construction Identify the best construction strategy for the project Increase understanding of MOT options that could potentially shorten the duration of the project Ensure the TMP contained appropriate strategies for mitigating impacts during construction

21 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices21 Missouri DOT I-64 Successes Results at project completion: $11 million under budget Several weeks ahead of schedule Extensive planning and preparation led to a successful project Drivers adjusted work hours and avoided routes known to be problem spots Planning enabled the team to respond quickly to problem spots and incidents

22 Significant Projects

23 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices23 Significant Projects Agencies now have a process in place to determine level of impacts of a project Agencies using: Decision flowcharts Quantitative and/or Qualitative criteria Project impact levels Some combination

24 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices24 Maryland State Highway Administration

25 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices25 Pennsylvania DOT Significant Project Determination Based on amount of added travel time: < 15 minutes, impacts are acceptable >15 minutes and < 30 minutes, impacts are acceptable if for 2 consecutive hours or less > 30 minutes, impacts are unacceptable and alternate strategies must be considered Districts use QuickZone, Synchro, HCS or similar programs to model the expected added travel time

26 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices26 Michigan DOT Significant Project Criteria If one or more of these thresholds are exceeded, then the project is considered significant: Work zone delay greater than 10 minutes Work zone LOS is lower than or equal to LOS D, or it drops to LOS C if the current operation is LOS A Work zone volume/capacity ratio is greater than 0.80

27 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices27 Montana DOT Significant Projects Three levels of impacts Level 1 – Impact the traveling public at the metropolitan, regional, or interstate level; directly impact a large number of travelers Level 2 - Impact the traveling public at the city or regional level; directly impact a moderate level of travelers Level 3 - Impact the traveling public to a small degree; duration of work is short to moderate All Level 1 projects are significant Policy includes a list of corridors in MT that are automatically Level 1 and Level 2 Policy includes significant project identification checklist

28 Transportation Management Plans (TMPs)

29 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices29 TMP Development Experience Some States have developed hundreds of TMPs CA – Required TMPs since 2000 RI – Developed over 100 TMPs since 2009 MI – Developed over 150 since 2007 WI – Developed over 100 since 2008, most not for significant projects OR – Developed over 80 since 2006

30 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices30 How Do States Develop TMPs? ResourceStates TemplatesPA, RI, MI, TN GuidelinesCA, MD, MI, NC, NJ, OR, VA, WI TrainingCA, FL, MO, NC, RI, MI, WI If you have a really good systematic process in place, and have developed checklists, guidance, and other materials to help facilitate this process, then you are less likely to miss steps in your TMP development and are less likely to leave important components out of the TMP. - MD SHA Team Leader, Traffic Policy and Management Team

31 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices31 Caltrans TMP Development Begins during project initiation and planning Responsibility of 3 individuals District traffic manager (DTM) TMP manager Construction traffic manager Categorized into 3 levels based on: Project characteristics Projected delay The implementation of TMPs in California has helped to significantly reduce delays in work zones.

32 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices32 Caltrans TMP Levels

33 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices33 Rhode Island DOT TMP Guidance Four TMP templates in MS Excel Training on how to use the templates Dedicated email account for TMP questions

34 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices34 Wisconsin DOT TMP Guidance Helps WisDOT develop and implement TMPs effectively and consistently statewide TMP worksheet/checklist In process of developing benefit-cost guidelines for WZ impacts mitigation strategies

35 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices35 Michigan DOT TMP Development The TMP process gives us the opportunity to better plan for and manage our work zones. As a result of this process, we are able to identify potential impacts that previously might not have been recognized, and identify innovative strategies to manage these impacts through the coordination of construction design and delivery. - Michigan DOT Work Zone Delivery Engineer

36 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices36 Michigan TMP Review Teams Used when a project is designed that exceeds significant project thresholds TMP is reviewed against a checklist Peer review team meets to discuss and rate TMPs: Green Yellow Red Sample Review Checklist Questions: Traffic analysis methodology is appropriate and reasonable for the scope/complexity of the job/location and the results are clear and understandable. There is analysis of the alternatives considered, with an appropriate comparison of benefits and costs. There is adequate discussion and explanation of corridor impacts and/or an explanation of mobility influences beyond the project area including adjacent regions.

37 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices37 MDSHA Suitland Parkway Interchange TMP Benefits TMP team found that during one stage of the project, a ramp would be constructed and left dormant until later in the project Determined ramp could be used to divert traffic around the interchange reduced impacts to drivers and workers Investigating alternatives early in TMP development and including people on the TMP team who had a broad perspective led to identifying a solution that was more feasible from a cost and implementation standpoint. Looking at options during systems planning led to identification of a cost effective impact mitigation strategy

38 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices38 Wisconsin I-94 TMP Development Formed an external TMP Advisory Group Organized into task forces for traffic operations, public outreach, and incident management Identified and implemented several effective strategies to mitigate impacts By involving the public, the resulting TMP met the needs of the community and was developed with their direct input, resulting in a higher satisfaction among those affected by the project. - WiscDOT State Traffic Engineer

39 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices39 Ohio DOT I-275 Overpass Beam and Deck Replacement TMP Benefits Identified creative impacts mitigation strategy Maintained 3 lanes of traffic in each direction Used outside shoulders in both travel directions Crossed over 1 lane of traffic No additional delay No serious injury crashes Positive feedback from the public

40 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices40 I-69 Reconstruction in Michigan TMP Benefits Used a combination of innovative impacts mitigation strategies Crash rate decreased during construction Drivers are going the speed limit Delay is less than expected

41 Data Collection and Analysis and Performance Monitoring

42 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices42 Data Collection and Analysis Many agencies have established measures to track WZ congestion and delay (57%) and crashes (82%) Less than half of the States are collecting congestion and delay data Many agencies are collecting some data to track WZ safety performance

43 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices43 Performance Monitoring/Process Reviews 82% of agencies have established WZ performance guidance 47% of agencies are using customer surveys to evaluate WZ performance Most (if not all) agencies are doing annual WZ TTC field reviews WZ process review is required at least every 2 years – most have done first review

44 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices44 Ohio DOT Data Collection, Analysis, and Performance Monitoring Historic Crash Data Used to track improvements to WZ safety Near Real-Time Crash Data Obtained from local law enforcement Stored in database Real Time Mobility/Speed Data Leasing speed & travel time information Contract advertised and awarded (low bid) separately from the construction project Real-Time Mobility Data Example: 8 mile work zone Sensor spacing ½ mile in transition area and 1 mile in work area Approximately 10 sensors covers both directions Cost = $1,100/mo Gives real time data via cellular broadband Can be used internally or externally via the web

45 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices45 Ohio DOT WZ Crash Data Analysis Began in 2002 See if increased number of WZs causes more crashes and how they could be prevented Used data from prior to and during construction to perform before/after comparison Findings led to improvements to WZ planning and design procedures

46 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices46 Ohio DOT Historic Crash Data Analysis

47 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices47 Ohio DOT Near Real-Time Crash Data Analysis Mile 16.2 – 16.99 Non WZ 7 Month Avg. WZ 3 Month Total BIG PROBLEM !!

48 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices48 Michigan DOT Data Collection, Analysis, and Performance Monitoring Monitoring plan included in TMP for significant projects Includes crash analysis before and after project Weekly monitoring WZ delay and queue measurements taken by sensor, field staff observations, and drive-throughs by student interns Monitoring forms stored in project records system and can be referenced for future projects Delay and queue data entered into database for periodic analysis

49 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices49 Michigan DOT Mobility Data Collection Determined through real-time measurement of vehicle speeds Regions collect data but not told how to do it Mobility data must be recorded in a Delay Worksheet Data used to evaluate project and program-level effectiveness In 2009 – 88% of MDOT projects met its 10-minute delay criteria

50 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices50 Rhode Island DOT Data Collection, Analysis, and Performance Monitoring Construction staff are required to document all monitoring activities Developed a specific set of TMP performance monitoring strategies Include a post-construction WZ performance assessment section in TMP template RIDOT Performance Monitoring Strategies Windshield surveys Public surveys Traffic counts Traffic queues/delays Travel time Crash data Mobility assessment Safety assessment Road safety audits (construction)

51 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices51 Caltrans I-15 Devore Data Collection, Analysis, and Performance Monitoring Quantitatively evaluated impact of extended closures on highway network traffic Measured traffic volumes and speeds before and during construction Conducted web-based surveys before and during construction Found 20% reduction in traffic demand during the closures, which was 10% greater than originally planned

52 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices52 Maryland SHA I-495 Data Collection, Analysis, and Performance Monitoring Compared data from modeling to data from actual closure to determine: Percentage of vehicles that cancelled trips or bypassed area due to public information and outreach campaign How accurately pre- and post-construction simulation models replicated conditions in the field Used to develop a basis for assumptions in future WZ modeling

53 Coordinating Multiple Projects

54 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices54 Coordinating Multiple Projects Planning and impacts assessment beyond the WZ to address corridor/network/regional issues Scheduling/Sequencing Optimizing letting schedule to ensure multiple projects do not excessively impact traffic Inter- and intra-agency coordination to avoid traffic impacts on 2 parallel routes at same time Possible cost-sharing of mitigation strategies Planning process plays key role to coordinate concurrent projects and when a project has potential to cause corridor-wide impacts

55 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices55 Coordinating Multiple Projects: Minnesota DOT WZ Policy includes: Impacts considerations worksheet to help identify project impacts and potential mitigation strategies Worksheet includes focus on Corridor, Network, and Community Issues: Includes impacts of other work zones in the vicinity of the project, either at the corridor level or the network level. Management Strategies Includes section on Project Coordination

56 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices56 Coordinating Multiple Projects: Utah DOT Traffic Management Committee Traffic management system improves regional mobility and allows information sharing across agency boundaries Weekly construction coordination meetings held from April through October

57 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices57 Utah DOT WZ Planning Program-level traffic analysis framework Facilitates implementation of construction programs Helps determine operational treatments during construction to alleviate impacts Helps determine timing and scheduling of multiple construction projects at system level Traffic data from MPO Early analysis results help with decisions as early as possible

58 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices58 Coordinating Multiple Projects: Wisconsin DOT Increasing emphasis on coordinating and scheduling projects Annual meeting to discuss how to coordinate projects statewide over the next 2 years Implementing statewide process to coordinate projects further in advance TMP worksheet includes identification of adjacent projects

59 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices59 Coordinating Multiple Projects: Oregon DOT Identifying and addressing mobility issues prior to and during design Statewide traffic mobility manager, regional mobility liaisons, and Statewide Traffic Mobility Committee Highway Mobility Operations Manual Web-based mobility tracking system Scheduling maintenance activities in Microsoft Outlook Corridor-Level TMPs An unprecedented era of road and bridge work is underway throughout the State. Maintaining mobility across corridors, regions, and throughout the state is a high priority for ODOT.

60 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices60 Oregon DOT Corridor-Level TMPs Serve as framework for corridor management Apply to all projects combined in the corridor Define delay thresholds for each corridor If anticipated corridor delay > threshold Review project schedules, staging, and traffic management strategies to try to reduce delays

61 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices61 Tips for Coordinating Multiple Projects Begin mitigation efforts long before construction Foster communication within and across agencies and utilities Develop a Concept of Operations Appoint a corridor- or regional-level traffic mobility coordinator Consider impacts of local events and special travel days Use data and tools like traffic simulation to better understand traffic patterns along the corridor and alternate routes Analyze and discuss the impacts of traffic diversion to other jurisdictions and communities Look for solutions at both the planning and operational level A corridor-wide approach to planning for construction projects can alleviate impacts at a larger than normal scale and can optimize traffic flow on the mainline and alternate routes during construction.

62 Examples of Work Zone Best Practices62 Additional Examples and Resources Additional examples and resources on: WZ Policies Assessing and Managing WZ Impacts Use of WZ Data WZ Training Process Reviews Significant Projects TMPs Public Information and Outreach Case studies showing how some agencies have implemented all aspects of the Rule

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