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CHAPTER 8 Marketing for E-commerce

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1 CHAPTER 8 Marketing for E-commerce
4/23/2017 CHAPTER 8 Marketing for E-commerce 8.1 What Is E-Commerce? 8.2 The Growing Importance of E-Commerce 8.3 Impact of E-Commerce on Distribution Channels 8.4 Role of Promotion for E-Commerce MARKETING

2 WHAT IS E-COMMERCE? GOALS for Lesson 8.1
Describe the differences between businesses and bricks and mortar businesses. Discuss the importance of a marketing orientation to successful e-commerce.

3 The New World of E-Commerce
Business on the Net From bricks to dot.coms Stages of development Information stage Interaction stage Integration stage

4 The Internet and Marketing
Advantages of e-commerce E-commerce disadvantages The marketing concept applied to e-commerce

GOALS for Lesson 8.2 Identify evidence of the growth of the Internet. Describe the various business uses of the Internet for e-commerce.

6 Growth of the Internet Countries with the highest number of Internet users in 2003 (in millions) United States 132.2 Japan 56.0 China 45.8 Germany 44.1 United Kingdom 34.3 South Korea 25.6 France 21.8 Italy 19.3 Russia 18.0 Canada 16.8

7 Businesses Uses of the Internet
Business communications Information gathering Improving operations

GOALS for Lesson 8.3 Describe new distribution methods using the Internet. Identify distribution problems experienced by e-business.

9 Distribution for E-Commerce
Finding and buying products Order processing Product distribution

10 Average Cost Savings when Customers Use the Internet
Product Savings Computer software 99% Banking services 89% Airline tickets 87% Stocks 78% Books 56% Toys and gifts 48%

11 Distribution Problems and Solutions
Transaction security Expanded distribution and customer service

GOALS for Lesson 8.4 Describe how companies use promotion on the Internet. Identify ways to increase the effectiveness of online promotion.

13 Communicating with Internet Users
Advertising expenditures Types of Internet promotion Online advertising Web sponsorship Priority placement Consumer information Other types of promotion

14 Promotion for E-Commerce
Planning the shopping experience Effective promotion methods

15 Customer Satisfaction with Types of Shopping
Type % satisfied Shopping online 73% Shopping with catalogs 56% Shopping in stores 60%

16 Features Likely to Increase Online Purchasing
Close-up images of products Information on product availability Product comparison guides An easy-to-use search function 1-800 Customer Service number Consumer reviews and product evaluations An easy-to-use “shopping cart” and check out feature

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