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The 2003 Edition of the MUTCD Federal Highway Administration Office of Transportation Operations MUTCD Team.

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1 The 2003 Edition of the MUTCD Federal Highway Administration Office of Transportation Operations MUTCD Team

2 Why a New 2003 MUTCD? 1988 20002003

3 FHWA Process Notice of Proposed Amendments Analysis of Comments…

4 Comments--- Where the Interest Lies Proposed Significant Docket Changes Changes Comments Gen/Intro 8 4 118 Part 1 15 6 82 Part 2 381 114 1122 Part 3 89 24 222 Part 4 88 35 295 Part 5 32 7 43 Part 6 251 59 1654 Part 7 28 8 103 Part 8 49 16 210 Part 9 54 16 383 Part 10 61 25 186 TOTAL 1071 316 5000+

5 Final Rule for 2003 MUTCD Published in November 20, 2003 Federal Register

6 FHWA MUTCD Team Members Ernie Huckaby Linda Brown Fred Ranck Scott Wainwright Guan Xu Pete Rusch

7 Format of the 2003 MUTCD New cover design Website- posted PDF files are official Printed books sold by ITE, AASHTO, ATSSA, and GPO.

8 Format of the 2003 MUTCD 508-compliant HTML web version (accessible to blind & low-vision persons)

9 Format of the 2003 MUTCD HTML Version has: Search Engine Hot Links

10 Search the MUTCD


12 Format of the 2003 MUTCD 30% fewer pages… Only 2/3 as thick as 2001 AASHTO Green Book

13 More Words Per Page 2000 2003

14 Graphics Improvements 2000 2003 Pattern- Accurate Fonts and Spacing

15 General and Global Changes Consistency between MUTCD and SHS Signs shown with correct relative sizes Metric conversion errors and inconsistencies corrected Editorial improvements to some words and phrases

16 General and Global Changes (contd) All illustrations have Figure numbers and titles Figures correctly titled as Examples of or Typical Expanded coverage of existing ADA requirements that pertain to TCDs

17 MUTCD Introductory Pages (Pages i and ii) 5 additional organizations listed Website addresses added for all

18 MUTCD Introduction Corrected reference to Code of Federal Regulations Numerals for times, distances, speed limits, and weights shown in sign images in the figures should be regarded as examples only Guidance: (Sec. 2E.39) The sign legend should identify the region or area followed by the words NEXT X EXITS.

19 MUTCD Introduction Organization---Parts, Chapters, Sections Paragraphs, lettered or numbered items How to accurately cite a specific sentence in the MUTCD

20 MUTCD Introduction Requirements for States to Adopt Changes in MUTCD within 2 years (per CFR) 78 Phase-in Target Compliance Dates for Devices, includes: - Dates established by previous final rules - New dates established by 2003 MUTCD final rule

21 MUTCD Introduction Option for agencies to establish policies re: replace with compliant device; or replace in kind under some conditions Replacement of damaged non-compliant device via maintenance activities after a crash or other event:

22 MUTCD Table of Contents

23 Appendix A1: Congressional Legislation PL 104-59: NHS Act of 1995, Section 306 Motorist Call Boxes

24 Part 1: General

25 Section 1A.03 Design of Traffic Control Devices All symbols shall be unmistakably similar to, or mirror images of, the adopted symbol signs, all of which are shown in the SHS Book.

26 Section 1A.10 Requests for Interpretations, Experimentations, etc. Requirement to submit requests to FHWA Office of Transportation Operations Examples provided to clarify what is a TCD concept vs. device (re: patented or copyrighted)

27 Section 1A.10 New Interim Approval Process Authority for FHWA to give interim approvals: After evaluations & decision to propose for next MUTCD revision Allows use while formal MUTCD rulemaking is initiated and proceeds No further experimentation or paperwork requirements after Interim Approval Small risk to agencies using devices under Interim Approval.

28 Section 1A.10 Figure 1A-2--- Interim Approval Added

29 Section 1A.11 Relation to Other Documents Standard Highway Signs book and Color Specifications (23 CFR 655) incorporated by reference into MUTCD 11 additions to list of referenced documents Latest dates for all publications cited

30 Section 1A.12 New Color Fluorescent Pink Optional use for Incident Management signs Color box (coordinates) established Coral color remains unassigned

31 Section 1A.13 Definitions of Words and Phrases Revised some definitions and added some definitions to this section. The term Preferential Lane Marking is no longer used.

32 Section 1A.14 Abbreviations Used on Traffic Control Devices Abbreviations for word messages shown in Table 1A-1 are the only abbreviations to be used for those word messages. Consistency recommended within jurisdiction when more than one abbreviation is allowed.

33 Table 1A-1 Acceptable Abbreviations Used on TCDs Abbreviations Added: Circle (CIR) Trail (TR) Terrace (TER) Court (CT) Parkway (PKWY) Place (PL) Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV) Eastbound, Westbound, etc. (E-BND, W-BND, etc.)

34 Table 1A-1 Acceptable Abbreviations Used on TCDs Alternative Abbreviation Added: Avenue (AVE or AV) Alternative Abbreviation Deleted: Miles Per Hour (MPH or M.P.H.)

35 Table 1A-2 Abbreviations Acceptable Only with a Prompt Word Abbreviation Prompt Word Chemical (CHEM) Spill Route (RT or RTE) Best* (* Prompt word precedes abbreviation)

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