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Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality October 23, 2008 1.

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1 Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality October 23, 2008 1

2 Presentation Disclaimer The following information in this presentation is currently in draft form. 2

3 Available Funding Approximately $400,000 available Awards are limited to $75,000 Public schools (buses) & municipalities (trash trucks) Purchase and installation of EPA or CARB verified diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and crankcase ventilation filters Equipment must be in use on vehicle for 7 years Match is not required If awarded the grant, a bid process must be followed Funding in form of reimbursements 3

4 Oklahoma Clean Diesel Grant Program Funding originated from EPA. Must comply with some federal requirements as a result Including – proper bid processes, no lobbying, no human trafficking, records retention All requirements will likely be listed in the Grant Announcement 4

5 Anticipated Timeline November 2008 – Grant announcement posted on DEQ website. Goal is the first week of November (may be the second week). Will be open at least 45 days. General questions & clarifications only during this time. December 2008 – Grant announcement closes and all applications must be submitted for consideration. January 2009 – proposals reviewed and selections made. February 2009 – Signed agreements in place and projects begin. Quarterly reporting will be required through December 2010. Semi-annually thereafter. 5

6 Ultimate Goal Environmental and health benefits Information to include in applications - including but not limited to the following: List of fleet information (engine year, make, model, current mileage, annual mileage, general route information, annual fuel usage, fuel type used, replacement schedule, idling information) Anticipated emission reductions to be achieved through selected general retrofit technology. Percent reductions listed at EPA or CARB websites Verified manufacturer information Human impact – number of children in school district, number of children riding school buses, population within school bus or trash collection routes, number of employees… 6

7 Knowledge & Cooperation VERY important to work with multiple retrofit manufacturers to get sound information to include in the applications: Appropriate general technology for your fleet Expected costs Anticipated emission reductions Maintenance requirements if applicable Fuel requirements if applicable 7

8 Submitting the application Content of Submission & Evaluation Criteria Submit/address everything requested and ensure consistency Narrative Eligible entity/project Include idle reduction policy information (current or anticipated policy details) Clear description of fleet Coherent plan Technology applicability Budget Timeline Environmental/Health benefits (aka Outputs & Outcomes) Air Quality Programmatic capability 8

9 Process after selections made Anticipated process: Selections made by DEQ staff DEQ contacts selected entity regarding selection DEQ signs official award document & mails to selected entity Selected entity agrees to award terms, signs award document & returns to DEQ Project officially begins Bid procedure followed, selections made, equipment installed, invoices sent to DEQ DEQ receives invoices, processes, sends to Treasury, on average money is in the mail within ~2 weeks. Quarterly reporting begins upon signing the agreement 9

10 Contacts Tracy Rudisill 405-702-4100 Clean Diesel Staff 405-702-4100 10

11 Questions??? 11

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