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Linux Desktops KDE and GNOME The good, the bad and the ugly... Bill Latura October 26, 1999.

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1 Linux Desktops KDE and GNOME The good, the bad and the ugly... Bill Latura October 26, 1999

2 Agenda b X Servers, Winow Mgrs and Environments b A Short History of KDE and GNOME b Development Status (and Politics) b Features and Benefits b Alternatives b Web Resources b Desktop Demos

3 X-Servers b Client (host)/server (local) graphics display system b Windowing graphics interface b Handles the how and where, not what b Network oriented b Depends on a window manager for its look and feel - a blank slate

4 Window Managers b A client program b Tells the X-server what to draw and where to draw it b Determines the placement and appearance of windowed applications b Control the desktop look and feel b Available in a variety of flavors

5 Desktop Environments b Integrated desktop environment b Includes a window manager b File manager, help system, task bar, desktop shortcuts, pager b System utilities and configuration tools b Applications with common interface b Drag and drop, file associations

6 Desktop Politics b Gotta have a GUI b Open source vs. Proprietary b Common interface vs. User choice b User friendly b Red Hat vs. Troll Tech b GTK+ vs. Qt

7 KDE b K Desktop Environment b Begun by Matthias Ettrich in October 1996 b Uses Troll Tech Qt libraries b KVM window manager b Widely distributed b First release July 1998 b Current version 1.1.2

8 GNOME b GNU Network Object Model Environment b Red Hat default desktop b GTK+ graphics libraries b Enlightment window manager b Slightly less mature than KDE b Current version 1.1.0

9 Common Features b Free software (GPL) b Session management b CORBA b Drag and drop b Configuration tools (Control panel) b Highly customizable b Virtual desktops

10 More Common Features b User selectable window manager b Desktop shortcuts b Explorer type file managers b Package managers b Tool bars b Start menus b Office suites in development

11 And Still More Common Features b Games b Graphics apps b Desktop Sounds and audio apps b Networking and Internet tools b Run non-native apps b Available for a variety of OSs

12 Differences b Graphics libraries b Development team b Default look and feel b Relative stability b In terms of capabilities, not all that much...

13 Which is Better? b The one you like the best… (You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe)(You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe)

14 How Do I….? b Read the docs (Users Guides, Getting Started Guides and FAQs) Available on the WebAvailable on the Web b Mailing lists b USENET b Ask someone who knows

15 Getting Them b Linux distribution CDs b Project home pages b FTP archive sites b Tarballs, packages and source available

16 Alternative Window Managers b Fvwm b WindowMaker b IceWM b Twm b Vtwm b Olvwm b Enlightenment b Blackbox b Fvwm95 b AfterStep b Mwm b AmiWM b Scwm b Fvwm95 b etc, etc, etc...

17 Alternative Desktop Environments b UDE - Unix Desktop Environment b CDE - Common Desktop Environment b GNUStep - GNU version of OpenStep b Open Look

18 Web Resources b XFree86 b KDE http://www.kde.org b GNOME http://www.gnome.org b Themes http://themes.org

19 More Resources... b Window Managers b Linux Documentation Project http://www.linuxdoc.org

20 Desktop Demos b KDE Demo b GNOME Demo

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