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Microscopes SC.912.L14.4.

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1 Microscopes SC.912.L14.4

2 Essential Question How do microscopes work?

3 Types of microscopes Light Microscopes Electron Microscopes
Produce magnified images by focusing visible light. Staining can be used to show structures in the cell. Can magnify up to 1000x Electron Microscopes Produce magnified images by focusing a beam of electrons Some can magnify 100,000x

4 Electron Microscope

5 Light Microscope

6 Vocabulary Foldable ( Light Microscope)
Eyepiece – contains magnifying lens Arm – supports the body tube Stage – supports the slide being observed Body Tube – Maintains the proper distance between the eyepiece and the objectives Focus- Fine and course adjustments move the body tube to focus the image Objective – Provides magnification. Total magnification = eyepiece times objective Condenser or diaphragm – controls the amount of light passing up to the eyepiece Mirror or illuminator – produces or reflects light up toward the eyepiece

7 Comparing Microscopes
How image is created Advantage Disadvantage Light Microscope Scanning Electron Microscope Transmission Electron Microscope

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