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The War on terrorism By, Forrest Freeland, Hunter Mobley D period, 4/25/08.

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2 The War on terrorism By, Forrest Freeland, Hunter Mobley D period, 4/25/08

3 Before the War America received many different terrorist threats all made by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization that is responsible for many different bombings throughout the entire Middle East.

4 9/11 Timeline 8:38- Flight 11 was hijacked 8:46- Flight 11 was crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center 9:03- Flight 175 was crashed into the South tower 9:37- Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon bursting the center of the U.S military to flames

5 9:59-10:28- At 9:59 eastern time the South tower collapses. Passengers on Flight 93 overpower the terrorists flying the plane crashing it in the woods 80 mi. south of Pittsburg. At 10:28 the South tower followed the North and collapsed, leaving the World Trade Center in ruins. The attack is over leaving thousands dead or without loved ones. 12:39- President George W. Bush vowed to hunt down and punish those responsible

6 Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Ambassador [U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci] you have assembled before you, here on Parliament Hill and right across Canada, a people united in outrage, in grief, in compassion, and in resolve; a people of every faith and nationality to be found on earth; a people who, as a result of the atrocity committed against the United States on September 11, 2001, feel not only like neighbors but like family.Ambassador At a time like this words fail us. We reel before the blunt and terrible reality of the evil we have just witnessed. We cannot stop the tears of grief. We cannot bring back lost wives and husbands. Sons and daughters. American citizens, Canadian citizens, citizens from all over the world. We cannot restore futures that have been cut terribly short. At a time like this, the only saving grace is our common humanity and decency. At a time like this, it is our feelings, our prayers and our actions that count.

7 Continued Speech… By their outpouring of concern, sympathy and help, the feelings and actions of Canadians have been clear. And, even as we grieve our own losses, the message they send to the American people is equally clear: Do not despair; you are not alone; we are with you -- the whole world is with you. The great Martin Luther King, in describing times of trial and tribulation, once said that: "In the end, it is not the words of your enemies that you remember, it is the silence of your friends." Mr. Ambassador, as your fellow Americans grieve and rebuild, there will be no silence from Canada. Our friendship has no limit. Generation after generation, we have traveled many difficult miles together. Side by side, we have lived through many dark times; always firm in our shared resolve to vanquish any threat to freedom and justice. And together, with our allies, we will defy and defeat the threat that terrorism poses to all civilized nations. Mr. Ambassador, we will be with the United States every step of the way -- as friends, as neighbors, as family.

8 Pictures of War


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