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Time Exposure Juggling Dylan Phelps & Sean Keating.

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1 Time Exposure Juggling Dylan Phelps & Sean Keating

2 Agenda Our project took place over the course of two days, Day one was spent taking the coal shots, and around half of the ball shots While day two was spent with poi and the other half of the ball tricks

3 Setting Up There were several safety precautions we took while attempting our coal juggling to make sure we did not have any adverse events, i.e Burning down my house.

4 Here we can see that we wet down the area, as well as filled a bucket with water

5 Coal Juggling

6 Coal Juggling! We thought that there would be no better way of showing time lapse juggling than with some nice red hot coals. We knew there would be some complications, but thought we could overcome them.

7 As unfortunate as it may be, this was in fact our most successful attempt at juggling coal.

8 Some of the complications were thought of ahead of time, the extreme heat, which we accounted for, none to efficiently I might say, by wearing gloves.

9 But unforeseen complications included things such as, the coal breaking apart, making it impossible to continue juggling them.

10 Frustration When we couldnt achieve our goals we got a little bit frustrated, and decided to carefully and delicately dispose of our leftover hot coals.

11 Coal conclusion After we finished blowing off steam we realized that we werent getting the shots we needed with the coal, so we decided to move inside to use the glow in the dark balls.

12 GLOW POWER! We moved into my room, where we could charge the glow in the dark balls more efficiently, and ran into several complications on this plan as well. But the outcome was much more usable.

13 BASICS The tricks we chose were strictly the basics, the three most basic tricks were what we covered. Those three of course, being Cascade, 2 in 1 hand, and Half shower. Even these three easy tricks gave us a little trouble in capturing them accurately.

14 Basic Cascade One of our three tricks had to be the basic cascade, we all know how to cascade but do we really know what it looks like by itself? Without the juggler? Well here is a little insight for you as to what that would look like. Note, these are just a few of the 65 pictures we have of the cascade, we picked and chose the best, many did not come out


16 Cascade 2 After our regular cascade we did a small experiment with a flashing light while cascading, to see if blinding would be the only effect caused. We got some odd results


18 2 in 1 We didnt spend much time on this trick, but that was simply because we did not believe it to have a truly interesting effect.


20 Half shower This proved the most difficult trick, as it is harder to keep a consistent half shower, in the dark. So many of our pictures are either faint, or all over the place.


22 Tennis We did several shots of 3 ball tennis, but none of them were bright enough shots to be used in any way.

23 I made my own cheap disposable poi, fit to a description given to me by JaSun, I took strips of cotton, tied them around a cord, soaked them in gasoline, and ignited them. I had never used poi before, so my tricks were more rudimentary than I would have liked, but still, it was a good idea had I had more time or training there may have been more amazing results




27 SAFETY As you can tell from the picture, we forgot on day two to re-wet the area.

28 SPECIAL THANKS! TO Marissa Edgar, for letting us use her camera! JaSun, For the Poi Idea! Lao, For advice and guidance!

29 END! The

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