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William Shakespeare A research project….

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1 William Shakespeare A research project…

2 Individual Roles You all will be split into groups of four.
Each student in the group will be responsible for a different piece of the end product. You may assign roles within your own groups.

3 Role 1: Timeline Student 1 will be responsible for completing the timeline. By using the research you have found in the computer lab, you will be expected to form a timeline with the important dates and events you have found. All members should contribute to this, but Student 1 is responsible for making sure it is completed.

4 Timeline… Timeline should include at least 12 – 15 dates and events.
You are encouraged to get creative. Decorate your timeline, use color, and even pictures or clipart if you like.

5 Role 2: Extended Timeline
Student 2 will be responsible for the extended timeline. An extended timeline covers a shorter period of time. Instead of documenting William’s birth to his death, you will simply cover 10 years and go into more detail.

6 Extended Timeline… You are expected to include 7 – 10 dates and events within this extended timeline. The more detail the better Be Creative! Use color and illustrate where appropriate.

7 Role 3: Report Student 3 will be responsible for reporting and researching an assigned topic. Once you are split into groups, you may discuss which topic you would like to research. No two groups may research the same topic.

8 Report… Groups will sign up for one of nine topics.
Student 3 may use the classroom computers to further research this topic. Student 3 will write a one page report discussing this topic. Student 2 may choose to use this topic as a basis for his or her extended timeline.

9 Role 4: Illustration Student 4 will be responsible for the illustration. You may make a PowerPoint, a poster, or some other type of visual aid. You may use drawings of your own, clipart, or images from the internet.

10 Illustration… Keep in mind that your illustration must some how tie in with the topic being reported. If you have any questions about appropriateness, come see me or Ms. Owen.

11 Report Topics Shakespeare’s birth and immediate family
Shakespeare’s marriage to Anne Hathaway and their children William’s first poem William’s Coat of Arms Shakespeare’s will and death Shakespeare’s tombstone Performing at the Globe The burning of the Globe 3 Genres of Shakespeare’s plays

12 Presentation Each group will present their research, timeline, extended timeline, and illustration. Each group member must have a speaking part. Each group will have five minutes to present. Remember good speaking skills: Eye Contact Volume Pacing

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