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Cyberbullying By Mia and Jessica.

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1 Cyberbullying By Mia and Jessica

2 Cyber Safety Rule #1 If someone sends you something don’t answer back. Tell an adult and block the person who was being mean to you.

3 Cyber Safety Rule #2 If you are accepting s or messages and if you don’t know the person tell an adult or it could lead into problems.

4 Cyber Safety Rule #3 If you don’t like someone don’t say mean things about them. Example : if someone texts you that your ugly save it and show an adult.

5 Cyber Safety Rule #4 You should not send personal information unless you tell a parent and don’t send pictures to anybody you don’t know.

6 Cyber Safety Rule #5 If you’re worried you should tell a trusted adult and tell them you think someone is cyberbullying you. Example: if someone says your dumb go tell an adult and delete and message block the person.

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