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Abashed. Adj – embarrassed, ashamed Ant – unembarrassed, unashamed.

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1 abashed

2 Adj – embarrassed, ashamed Ant – unembarrassed, unashamed

3 aloof In almost every office, there are some people who keep aloof from their coworkers.

4 Adj -=- withdrawn, standing apart from others (usually as a matter of choice) Syn -=- distant, cold, standoffish Ant – involved, sociable

5 anguish Survivors of a natural disaster often suffer great mental anguish long after their terrible ordeal is over.

6 N – great mental suffering v – to be deeply tormented by pain or sorrow Syn – misery, woe, torment Ant – joy, delight, peace of mind

7 articulate A successful candidate can articulate ideas in a way that makes them acceptable to voters.

8 V – to pronounce distinctly; to express well in words; to fit together into a system adj – able to use language effectively; expressed clearly and forcefully Syn – enunciate, expound, eloquent Ant – tongue-tied, mumbled, inchoerent

9 bask Because they are cold-blooded creatures, lizards and reptiles must bask in the sun to regulate their body temperature.

10 V – to be in, or expose oneself to, pleasant warmth Syn – wallow, revel

11 defect There is no one who does not have at least one serious character defect.

12 N – an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind v – to desert a cause or organization

13 finesse To become a champion, a tennis player needs to combine power with finesse.

14 N – delicate skill; tact and cleverness v – to accomplish something by cleverness Syn – delicacy, subtlety Ant – clumsiness, awkwardness

15 flaunt Some people seem to need to flaunt their wealth and good fortune in life.

16 V – to wave or flutter showily; to display in a conceited, offensive way Syn – show off, parade Ant – hide, downplay

17 forthright I appreciate the forthright way in which you express your opinions, even when they do not agree with my own.

18 Adj – frank, direct, straightforward Syn – candid, blunt Ant – indirect, evasive, two-faced

19 genial The genial host and hostess made each party guest feel especially welcome.

20 Adj – cordial, pleasantly cheerful or warm Syn – friendly; amiable Ant – cold, unfriendly, unsociable

21 instill How can parents best instill in their children a love for reading?

22 V – to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in Syn – implant, infuse, Ant – root out, eradicate,

23 ostracize Society ostracizes those who commit acts of treason.

24 V – to exclude from a group, banish, send away Syn – cast out, expel, snub Ant – fraternize with, associate with

25 premonition I felt a vague premonition of danger as I entered the abandoned building.

26 N– forewarning or foreboding of a future event Syn -- persentiment

27 Pseudonym It is wise to use a pseudonym to protect your privacy when you chat on the Internet.

28 N – a pen name; name assumed by a writer Syn – nom de plume

29 purge A soaking rainstorm will purge the air of pollutants.

30 V – to wash away impurities, clean up Syn – cleanse, purify Ant – pollute; contaminate; defile

31 rehabilitate Over the years, government agencies have spent a good deal of money trying to rehabilitate run-down inner-city neighborhoods. They tried to make me go to rehabilitation but I said, No, no, no.

32 Vto make over in good form; to resotre to good condition or to a former position Syn – reclaim, rebuild, reform

33 repercussion The repercussions of the 1929 stock market crash were felt all over the world.

34 N – an effect or consequence of some action or event, result; an echo or reverberation Ant – cause, source

35 resolute Commencement-day speakers generally urge graduates to be resolute in pursuit of their dreams.

36 Adj – bold, determined, firm Syn – steadfast, unflinching Ant – weak, spineless, indecisive

37 retentive A retentive memory is a great asset for an actor, especially one who performs on stage.

38 Adj – able to hold, keep, or recall; retaining knowledge easily Ant – porous, forgetful

39 scapegoat In ancient times, a messenger who brought bad news often was made the scapegoat for it and killed.

40 N – a person or thing carrying the blame for others Syn – fall guy, whipping boy

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