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2 Vikings First old world people to find N/A’s in New World
Lived in modern day northern Europe (Vinland in Scandinavia) In A.D. they visited Greenland and Iceland They were not literate so other Europeans did not know about it


4 The Crusades (beginning 1090)

5 Inspirations for European Exploration
The Crusades –(beginning in 1090) time period that put the Europeans in contact with the middle east Europeans wanted Asian goods that the Arabs were selling (spices, peppers, cloves, cinnamon, perfumes, silks, sugar etc)


7 Expanding Horizons Invention of the printing press l
1271: Marco Polo’s book “Travels” inspired Columbus and other explorers to explore. Renaissance in the 1300’s brings a new desire for exploration.

8 Marco Polo’s travels

9 Technology’s Impact Because of
better maps,, astrolabe (stars) and compass (north), explorers could now navigate with more accuracy. The carrack and caravel allowed sailors to travel faster. .

10 Picture of santa maria

11 What were the Silk Roads
What were the Silk Roads? The routes that European traders took through the middle east to trade with Asia

12 Due to internal conflicts in the middle east, many silk roads were shut down- traders began to charge too much too pass by so European countries began searching for new routes to Asia and traveled south down the West Coast of Africa to get there


14 Using the silk roads became very dangerous and costly so Europeans began seeking ways to sail around Africa to get to Asia


16 Early Explorers Portugal took the lead in exploration
.Henry the Navigator – set up a center for exploration Bartholomew Dias – explored the southernmost part of Africa. 1488 Vasco de Gama- first to sail all the way around Africa to India- 1498


18 Columbus crosses the Atlantic
After studying Ptolemy (Greek astronomer), Columbus believes the distance to Asia going west would be short. Queen Isabella of Spain sponsored Columbus’s first voyage in October of 1492. He took 90 men and3 ships: The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

19 When he reached the Caribean Islands (San Salvador – meaning salvation) he thought he was near India. Called the people “Indians” Claimed this territory for Spain. Made 3 more voyages


21 Other explorers Amerigo Vespucci mapped out the new World The continent was named after him Vasco de Balboa- First to cross through central America and find the Pacific Ocean

22 Other explorers cont. 1520- Ferdinand Megellan – His crew was first to circumnavigate the world


24 Spain in The Americas Gold,God,Glory
Conquistadors Spanish explorers - given land grants in exchange for gold and treasure taken from the Americas

25 Hernan Cortez – Mexico Took over Aztec empire and established Mexico as Spanish land. Got lots of land and gold Francisco Pizarro – Conquered the Incas in Peru.


27 Juan Ponce de Leon – 1513 landed in Fla
Juan Ponce de Leon – 1513 landed in Fla. Hoping to find gold and the fountain of youth. Called it La Florida Continues to sail south to the Florida Keys, then lands in Charlotte Harbor. – attacked by Calusa (MATANZAS- bloody massacre) and retreats 1521- Returns and is hit by Calusa arrow and dies of infection

28 Route of Ponce de Leon

29 Panfilo de Narvaez – 1528 lands in Tampa and goes north looking for gold. Very harsh to the Timucuas. After 56 days is attacked by the Apalachees and tries to escape on makeshift rafts. Cabeza de Vaca and slave Estevanico survives and wonders for 7 years around Mexico.

30 Route of Narvaez through Florida

31 La Florida- Festival of Flowers

32 Ponce de Leon arrives in La Florida

33 Hernando de Soto – 1541 explored Fla, stayed in Tallahassee and holds the first Christmas here, then went west. Spend 3 years wandering around the SE area of US. Died and was buried in the Miss river

34 Route of Hernando de Soto





39 Spain in the Southwest 1540 Francisco de Coronado – tried to find the seven cities of gold. Traveled throughout the southwest claiming all land for Spain.

40 Spain vs France in Florida
In 1562 France (Jean Ribault) built a French colony near Jacksonville - Fort Caroline. Spain (Menendez) built St Augustine in order to drive the French out. Menendez then attacked Ft Caroline and drove the French out of Florida

41 Spanish Rule 4 class systems Pueblos – towns used for trade
Missions – religious communities Presidio – a fort built near a mission

42 Spain’s efforts to expand

43 Exploring North America
In the 1500’s Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation. In the New World the Catholic nations of Spain and France brought over religious differences and competed with the Protestant nations of England and the Netherlands.

44 Other European exploration
England, France and the Netherlands wanted find a Northwest passage (water passageway) through . The Columbian Exchange- Exploration brought two parts of the globe together by exchange of plants, animals, and diseases

45 European Explorers England – John Cabot
France – Cartier (Montreal), Champlain La Salle – followed the Mississippi river down to Gulf of Mexico and claimed it all for France. Louisiana (King Louis XIV) French were fur trappers and fishers – got along great with Natives.


47 Netherlands-Henry Hudson explored the New York area and claimed it for the Netherlands – Named it New Netherlands and the main city New Amsterdam.

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