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I Pad Power Up! Get Inspired! Make it APPn. Tools to Begin.

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1 i Pad Power Up! Get Inspired! Make it APPn

2 Tools to Begin

3 Start Up Guide

4 Tips Location Services: If you dont want your iPad to register your physical location you can turn off Location Services in the General section of the native Settings app. Default is set to on, meaning that apps that show location data will ask you to share your location on launch. Email Signatures: To create an email signature, select the Mail option within the Settings app. Scroll down, select Signature and type away. Just be forewarned that the default Sent from iPad signature might piss off your iPad-less friends. Taking Screenshots: You can snap a shot of your iPad display by holding down the home button and the black power button at the same time. Screenshots are saved as photos in your iPad photo library. Push Notifications: The iPad supports push notifications that you can manage via the native Settings app. You can universally turn notifications on or off, or customize notifications on a per-app basis in the Notifications section.

5 E mail

6 Communicate

7 Read

8 Video 3 min How he uses ipad

9 Brainstorming http://poppl #/51148

10 Class Activities

11 Calculated Calc XT=$ Big Calc = FREE! Power One Scientific = FREE!

12 Remote Desktop

13 Technology is… …always an adventure!

14 Pearl Trees s=1_3681338&N-u=1_402757&N-p=28804723&N- fa=3527240

15 Tasks & Reminders

16 Productivity Quick Office Pro HD

17 Noted

18 Take a Moment 1.Draw a diagram of how you see applications overlapping and connecting in your class

19 Connect and Share HOOT SUITE

20 Books Video Video – OpenMargin

21 Exit Survey http://

22 iWorks PresentationPresentation

23 iTunes U After you have downloaded iTunes University courses directly to your iPad or transferred them from your computer, your iPad essentially becomes a learning device. To play these iTunes University courses on your iPad, follow these steps: 1.From the Home screen, tap Videos. The Videos screen appears. 2.Tap iTunes U at the top of the screen to see all your stored iTunes University courses. 3.Tap an iTunes University course that you want to play. A list of separate classes appears. 4.Tap a class. Your chosen class starts playing. The combination of your iPad and iTunes University can make a college education easier and more convenient than ever before. Now all you have to do is figure out what you want to learn and devote time to learn it.












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