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A MORE PERFECT UNION The United States develops from a confederation of states to a unified country ruled under one government.

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1 A MORE PERFECT UNION The United States develops from a confederation of states to a unified country ruled under one government

2 *By the end of the War every state had their own separate constitutions where they had a governor and a legislature (group who make laws). *Each legislature was divided into two houses – bicameral.

3 What are the Articles of Confederation?
Country’s first written plan of government Gave the federal government very little power. . Country began to fall apart because government was too weak.

4 What were the limitations of the Articles of Confederation
1. Congress could not draft and Army 2. Congress could not tax citizens 3. Did not create leadership under a chief executive 4.Any changes required approval from all 13 states 5. Could not settle disputes between states

5 Northwest Ordinance 1787 set up procedures for dividing the land north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi When population in the territories reached 60,000 the people could petition for statehood. Bill of Rights for this territory banned slavery Land Act of 1800 made it easier for people to buy land Ordinance of process of selling land

6 Economic troubles Trade was cut off in many areas by Britain
Country went through a depression. People were broke Farmers could not pay their taxes to the states and the government began to take away their farms and put them in jail

7 What is Shays Rebellion?
Farms were taken away,-a group of farmers(1,200) headed by Daniel Shays, forced some courts to close in Mass. and tried to raid a federal arsenal Stopped by the militia - a few farmers were killed. Made people realize that the government was not strong enough to control the people.


Delegates -total 55- met in Philadelphial in May 1787 to amend (change) Articles of Confederation. Lasted until Septembr 1787 George Washington was the presiding officer. Main arguments concern representation in Congress and how much control the Federal government should have.

10 Plans for Legislature A. The Virginia Plan (Edmund Randolph)
States that the legislature would have two houses.(bicameral) The number of representatives would be based on population. Good for states with large populations. B. The New Jersey Plan (William Patterson) Both houses would be equally represented by all states. Good for states with small populations.

11 The Great Compromise By Roger Sherman

12 What was the3/5th COMPROMISE?
Each slave would count as 3/5th person for both taxation and representation

James Madison considered the ‘Father” of the Constitution Many states did not approve it at first because it didn’t have a Bill of Rights. Need approval of 9 of the 13 states to go into effect Federalists – supported Constitution Anti-federalists - did not support it Federalism- sharing of power between state and federal government

14 Federalism

15 What did the Federalist believe?
Supported a larger National/Federal government Supported equally dividing powers among different branches Backed by Madison, Hamilton, Washington Feared disorder without a strong central government

16 What were the Anti-federalists?
Most political powers should remain with the states Wanted legislative branch to hold more power than executive Feared strong government would ignore the rights of the people, favor the wealthy Believed a Bill of Rights was necessary Feared oppression more than disorder Backed by Jefferson, Patrick Henry

17 Why is a government important
Why is a government important? What should the main jobs of government do? EX: protect, defend, take care of people,etc

18 After much debate it was finally ratified on Jun. 21 1788

SEPERATION OF POWERS (the most distinctive part of our government, divides power into 3 parts) 1. Article I- The Legislative Branch or Congress (makes the laws) 2. Article II- Executive Branch (enforces laws) 3. Article III - Judicial Branch (interprets laws)

20 Preamble We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

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