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Contact information: Conference time:

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1 Contact information: Conference time: Daily 9:35-10:20 Office Phone: 972-617-2977

2 Teacher Web Pages Check these out to see what’s happening in each class.

3 Morning Procedures 7:30Preparation for the day * Sharpen pencils * Fill in planner * Restroom / Drink * Planner / Homework check 7:40iFocus in journal begins 7:45Morning ceremony 8:00 Language Arts instruction begins

4 Homework and Routines Please check your child’s folder and planner daily for homework and notes. Your child is responsible for writing assignments in his/her planner each morning. Homework grades are given in all subjects! Be sure your child completes and returns all assignments on time.

5 Homework Policy Our late work policy states that late work can not receive a grade higher than a 70. Any work turned in late during the nine week grading period will be graded and may not receive a grade higher than a 70. Any work not turned in at the end of the nine weeks may be averaged as a zero.

6 Reading Homework All children are required to read Monday thru Thursday, 15 minutes each night, or 60 minutes a week from: Books at home Magazines or newspapers Library books Books from school

7 Weekly Reading Grade Students will receive a daily reading grade each Friday based on the minutes your child read. 60 minutes read = 100% 50-59 mins = 90 % 40-49 mins = 80% 30-39 mins = 70% 20-29 min = 60% 10-19 mins = 50% 9-1 mins = 40% 0 = 0% To receive credit each day for nightly reading, all three things must be present in the planner : 1.Parent Signature 2.Minutes read 3.Titles of stories

8 Testing Policy Failed tests will be returned to the students with a note attached that they may correct the test by a certain date and return it to school by that date with a parent signature. The highest possible grade they can receive for the corrections is a 70%.

9 Skyward This is our grade book system that enables parents to monitor their child’s progress at any time during the grading period. Sign up for Skyward if you have not already done so.

10 Attendance Policy I I Count Everyday Red Oak ISD is beginning an attendance campaign, I Count Every Day, to encourage students to be in school all day, every day. ROISD's goal is to improve our students' success as we increase district wide average daily attendance by 1%. To find out more about the iCount program, please see the district website. Information is available in English and Spanish

11 Dress Code Shoes, Socks, Hose/Tights, and Belts SOCK COLORS: Solid white, brown, black, navy, khaki, gray or maroon. Socks are optional. HOSE/TIGHTS COLORS: Solid white, black, navy, khaki or flesh-tone. Socks must match each other. Solid color socks with logos are allowed. Outerwear Sweaters, vests, zip and pull over hoodies and sweatshirts are permitted-standardized dress policy colors only. They may be worn in the building but may not extend below the bottom of the back pocket. All Red Oak logos and Red Oak artwork are allowed on zip and pullover hoodies.

12 Regular Way Home Your child will go home the way they do every day unless the office receives a phone call or a note is sent to school indicating that your child is to go home a different way. Please do not e-mail the teacher as we do not always get to our computers until after school.

13 Thank you for partnering with us in educating your child!

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