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FDLRS TECHNOLOGY Region 1 LATS Meeting May 2, 2008.

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1 FDLRS TECHNOLOGY Region 1 LATS Meeting May 2, 2008

2 Overview AT Competencies LATS Survey Changes Regional Planning LATS contact information sheet

3 Assistive Technology Competencies DOE Memo Systematic, current services for Florida assistive technology (AT) assessment and AT resources

4 Assessment Competencies for Assistive Technology Providers

5 Passwords Competencies Website Go to FDLRS ATEN Region 1 Sharepoint Site under Documents section

6 LATS Survey 1Z2h7uXXJEg_3d_3d

7 CHANGES: 2008-2009 1.The Assistive Technology Educational Network (ATEN) has been renamed the: FDLRS TECHNOLOGY STATE LOAN LIBRARY –The Loan Library will continue to provide loan services as usual to all districts in the State, through authorized LATS loan check out procedures. Good bye


9 CHANGES: 2008-2009 2.FDLRS ATEN Region 1 Technology Center will continue to be housed at FDLRS Miccosukee Associate Center. The Center has been incorporated into FDLRS Miccosukee with a name change: FDLRS Region 1 Technology Services. Good bye Hello!

10 CONTINUATION OF SERVICES Rena Carney, FDLRS Region 1 Technology, will continue to work with FDLRS Miccosukee, FDLRS PAEC and FDLRS Westgate, Region 1 Satellites, and District ESE services, to coordinate, promote and support the delivery of ESE student education technology resources to LATS, FDLRS Techs, and teachers of students with disabilities (SWD) for 17 Districts in the Florida Panhandle.

11 Regional Support Supported Text/Authorized Centers Accommodations Data Alternate Assessment: -Peggy Harter Four Blocks

12 Regional Support Supported Text/Authorized Centers Supported Text is.... electronic text that is modified or enhanced in ways that are designed to increase reading comprehension and promote content-area learning,- Anderson-Inman and Horney (1997; 1998)

13 Regional Support Accommodations ult.aspx Shared Documents

14 Data FDLRS Effective Practice Data Collection The data collection survey tool will only take about one minute to complete. There is an overview below if you need some additional instructions.

15 Alternate Assessment Peggy Harter

16 Paula Marshall and Peggy Harter Please fill out the LATS survey and information about your districts reading and writing services for students with disabilities.

17 Stinky Feet

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