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Plagiarism Michael Lorenzen 23 September 2003 Modified by Cana Nudi 4/13/06 PowerPoint Developed By:

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1 Plagiarism Michael Lorenzen 23 September 2003 Modified by Cana Nudi 4/13/06 PowerPoint Developed By:

2 Discussion What is Plagiarism How to Avoid Plagiarism Why Students Plagiarize Sources of Online Plagiarism How Faculty Detect Plagiarized Papers

3 What is Plagiarism? Direct Quotes Paraphrasing Unique ideas Total Copy Types of Plagiarism

4 Direct Quotes If you use someone elses writing without putting it in quotes, you have blatantly plagiarized. Even if you add the source in your bibliography, it is still plagiarism.

5 Paraphrasing Be careful about rewriting someone elses words. If your sentences use many of the same words and grammatical structure as the original source, it could be construed as plagiarism. Just put the text in your own words.

6 Original Ideas Give credit to unique ideas others have thought up. If you present the ideas of another without crediting them, you have plagiarized. Obvious ideas, like known facts, dont have to be credited. When in doubt, give credit (cite it).

7 Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism Always put quotes from text in quotations. Never forget to do this. It is the easiest way to get accused of plagiarism. This is not my idea.

8 When Paraphrasing… Be sure you are not just rearranging or replacing words. Rewrite the phrase in your own words and credit the original source. Double check what you wrote by comparing it with the original writing.

9 Avoid Danger Spots Dont surf to paper mills. Dont use the Web to look for easy paper sources. Dont turn in other students papers as your own.

10 Why do students cheat? Some students do not come to higher education seeking an education. Instead, they want credentials that will get them a job. Learning is not a priority, getting a good job after graduation is the goal.

11 This does not relate to my major... Many students feel intense pressure to maintain a high grade point average. Other students in the school are cheating. Some students plagiarize because they do not have a lot of free time. Some students inadvertently plagiarize from online sources. They do not understand all the rules for properly using and citing sources.

12 Sources of Online Plagiarism: Paper Mills Web Sites (free web…www.) Electronic Library Resources

13 What Does the Student Get? Dated material Poor writing Bad or nonexistent research BUT NOT ALWAYS

14 Plagiarism Can Kill Careers Plagiarism can get you expelled from college. Plagiarism will result in receiving an F. Plagiarism will result is losing your National Honor Society status.

15 Why Internet provides greater access to resources Students can find easy ways to shortcut the process of producing original work Some students view the Internet as their personal cut & paste encyclopedia

16 Reality 70% of students DO NOT plagiarize 29% of students significantly plagiarize 1% of students copy entire papers

17 How Does It Work? Register - Create a Profile - Must Have E- Mail Enroll In a Class - Must Have a Class ID and a Class Password Teachers Must Create Assignment You Submit Your Paper

18 Where Does It Search? Internet -Over 4 Billion Active Web Sites Archived Internet ProQuest Databases GaleNet Databases Student Papers Previously Submitted

19 Originality Reports BlueNo matching words Green1 word -24% matching text Yellow25-49% matching text Orange50-74% matching text Red75-100% matching text

20 Originality Reports Do not automatically indicate that your paper was plagiarized Reports are simply tools to help your teacher locate potential sources of plagiarism The decision to deem your work as plagiarized will be made carefully

21 Submit Formats accepts the following formats: Microsoft Word Word Perfect RTF PDF PostScript Plain Text HTML formats

22 PowerPoint Projects PP Projects must be converted to Word before submitting to

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