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Noun 1. box door home beauty freedom A person, place, thing, idea, or quality.

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1 Noun 1

2 box door home beauty freedom A person, place, thing, idea, or quality

3 Common Noun 2

4 bird man doctor school idea park A person, place or thing that is NOT specific. Any general person, place or thing preceded by an article.

5 Proper Noun 3

6 Big Bird Leonardo DeCaprio Barbara Bush Art Dimensional Building Tularcitos School Golden Gate Park Kix Honda A specific person, place or thing. Always capitalize the name of this thing

7 Plural Nouns 4

8 More than one person, place or thing bushesmenchurches leaveswomenchildren dogsbooksboxes people

9 Basic Plural Noun: Spelling Rules 5

10 Look at the singular noun 1. Most add “s”dog – dogs 2. If singular noun ends in: ch, sh, s, ss, or x - add “es” wish – wisheschurch – churches kiss – kisses box – boxes bus – buses

11 Plural Noun: Spelling Rules for nouns that end in “y” 6

12 Check the letter before the “y” 1. If vowel – add “s” day – days toy – toys 2. If consonant – drop “y” add “ies” buddy – buddies country – countries

13 Plural Noun Spelling: Rules For Nouns That End In “f” or “fe” 7

14 shelf – shelves knife – knives wife – wives leaf – leaves Change the “f” to a “v” and add “es”

15 Plural Noun Spelling: Rules for nouns that end in “o” 8

16 hero – heroes potato – potatoes EXCEPTION: IF THE NOUN REFERS TO MUSIC YOU ADD “S” ALTO – ALTOS PIANO – PIANOS Some nouns ending in “o” become plural by adding “es”

17 Irregular Plural Noun 9

18 1. Nouns may change spelling completely 2. Nouns may stay the same 1. mouse micegoose geese 2. sheep sheep deer deer fish fish (or fishes) Some nouns are irregular in changing to plurals

19 Plural Nouns: Spelling Rules for Numbers and Letters 10

20 B’s3’sCD’s D’s5’sDVD’s Form the plural of numbers and letters by adding an apostrophe (‘) and an “s”

21 Article 11

22 Three words that come before a noun A, an, the Articles are adjectives. A dog – starts with a consonant An elephant – starts with a vowel The animals dogs either elephants

23 Possessive Noun 12

24 Tom’s hat teacher’s pen Jack’s dog A noun that shows ownership (indicated by an apostrophe)

25 Singular vs Plural: Possessive Nouns 13

26 Singular Plural Add (‘s) e.g. The dog’s tongue The forest’s trees Plural nouns already end in “s” so add an (‘) e.g. The teachers’ room The boxes’ lids Irregular plurals that do not end in “s”, add “’s” e.g. men’s Sheep’s fish’s 35

27 Subject of a Sentence 14

28 SV The birds are singing. Ask who or what is the sentence about. Who or what is singing? Subjects are usually nouns. The subject tells “who” or “what” the sentence is about. Subjects usually come before verbs.

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