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Communities In Schools: The Solution to an Epidemic.

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1 Communities In Schools: The Solution to an Epidemic

2 The Problem… 50% of all African American males dont graduate from school. 1.2 million students dropout of school each year. High School dropouts are 3.5 times more likely then graduates to be arrested. Low performing teen girls are 5 times more likely to get pregnant. There are more African American males in prison then enrolled in all U.S. colleges. Floridas economy would see an increase of $507 million if the graduation rate increased by 5%. Sources: The Alliance for Excellent Education and Twenty-First Century Foundation

3 The Solution… Communities In Schools Model According to a third party evaluator with the U.S. Department of Education What Works Clearing House the Communities In Schools model is the ONLY program proven to increase graduation rates in the country.

4 CIS Gets Results 91% of students monitored were promoted 84% of monitored seniors graduated 97% of students monitored as potential dropouts remained in school 78% of monitored students reduced their suspension rate 79% of monitored students improved their academic achievement How does CIS get these results…

5 The Five Basics Communities In Schools believes that every child needs and deserves these Five Basics: A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult A safe place to learn and grow A healthy start and a healthy future A marketable skill to use upon graduation A chance to give back to peers and community 5

6 The CIS Model

7 Site standards Nonprofit business standards Higher performing organization Greater impact on children Evidence The Total Quality System: Standards for the CIS Network

8 Communities In Schools is… Sustainable: The CIS national Total Quality System (TQS) sets stringent business standards. Scalable: CIS aligns with education reform strategies on the local, state and national levels Effective: CIS incorporates evidence-based practice in services for youth focused on seven indicators. 8

9 9 184 affiliates 14 State offices CIS National Office The CIS Network

10 Words from our Nations Leaders… As my Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, says, our kids get only one chance at an education, and we need to get it right...It requires focusing on students, from middle school through high school, who face factors at home, in the neighborhood, or in school that put them at risk of dropping out...So that's why we'll build on the efforts of places like Communities in Schools that make sure kids who are at risk of dropping out have one-on-one support. President Barack Obama It is programs like CIS…that are showing us the promise of Promise Neighborhoods. A relentless focus on improving outcomes, on regional scalability, and sustainability are the core elements for a successful assault on poverty and educational inequality. CIS has sponsored [a] rigorous, independent evaluation of its program. As a result, CIS can now show that it boosts math achievement, reduces dropout rates, and is one of the only dropout-prevention programs in the country that increases the proportion of students who graduate from high school with a regular diploma. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan


12 Contact information Matt McKibbin Director of Program Services Communities In Schools of Florida 850-201-9756 (e-mail) (website)

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