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Migration AP Human Geography.

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1 Migration AP Human Geography

2 What is migration? A permanent movement of people to a new location
Leaving a rural area for an urban area (ex. Great Migration) Leaving an LDC for a MDC (Mexico to U.S.) Emigration- migration from a location Immigration- migration to a location

3 Why do people migrate? Economic motives Cultural motives
Jobs, jobs, jobs! (LDC’s to MDC’s, rural to urban) Cultural motives Political instability/ persecution (genocide in Sudan, Pilgrims) Slavery (Africa to Americas) Environmental motives Lack/ abundance of resources (drought in Chad, Florida) Natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina)

4 Global Migration Streams

5 Push vs. Pull Factors Push Factors Pull Factors
Reasons that people leave a certain place. Ex. Lack of jobs War/ violence Persecution Natural disasters Reasons that people are attracted to a new place. Ex. Jobs Peace Stability Education Natural beauty

6 Forced vs. Voluntary Migration
Compelled to move by cultural factors. War Exile Persecution Slavery Choosing to move for economic improvement. Jobs Lifestyle

7 Forced Migration (refugees)

8 Types of Migration From one country to another.
Inter-national Migration Internal Migration From one country to another. Usually from LDC to MDC. Mexico to U.S.A. Turkey to Germany Guatemala to Mexico Within a country. Illinois to California Michigan to Chicago Chicago to Suburbs

9 Latin America to the United States

10 Types of Internal Migration
Inter-regional Intra-regional From one region to another in the same country Midwest to the South Within a region. Michigan to Illinois City to suburbs

11 Inter-regional Migration in the U.S.

12 Intra-regional Migration

13 Key Vocab Brain Drain Chain Migration Educated people leave a place for a more desirable destination. Ex. Doctors might leave India to get pain more in the U.S. People migrate to a place to be with people (family, friends, ethnic) who have previously migrated to that place.

14 Net Migration

15 Immigration Cartogram

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