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Year 9 Parents Information Evening Wednesday 16 th September.

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1 Year 9 Parents Information Evening Wednesday 16 th September

2 Aims of this evening Summarise the main changes to qualifications and the curriculum affecting our students Explain how Oriel will report achievement in light of these changes

3 Context Most significant curriculum and qualification reform since 1986 when GCSEs were first introduced Scale and pace of the changes have posed real challenges for schools ………and have had implications regarding the way in which we structure our curriculum ………but also give us opportunities to change what we do to ensure we best prepare our students for their futures in a changing society. Your involvement in these changes is crucial to us so that we can all support our students.

4 National Curriculum GCSEsA Levels Year 10 & 11Year 7-9Year 12 & 13

5 National Curriculum New National Curriculum from September 2014, which affects the skills and content that are taught at KS3. New schemes of work in Y7, 8 and 9 reflect these changes National Curriculum Levels are being removed from September 2015.

6 GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) New GCSE English Language, Literature and Maths exams from September 2015 (affects current Year 10 first) New GCSE exams in other subjects from September 2016 (affects current Year 9 first). When our Y9 students move into Y10 GCSEs in the majority of subjects will have been reformed. – Exceptions being Business, Design and Technology, and ICT

7 Changes to GCSEs The new GCSE examinations will be more challenging for students. Exam as default method of assessment. All examinations at the end of Year 11. New grading system of 1 to 9.

8 GCSE Maths Much larger volume of content – the GCSE is approximately twice the size of the previous maths GCSE Stretches the most able students, preparing them thoroughly for the study of A level maths A greater emphasis on problem solving GCSE English There will be greater emphasis on accurate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar. No Controlled Assessment 100% Examination

9 Maths 8 Hours Science 7 Hours English 8 Hours Humanities (Geography, History, RE) 6 Hours Languages 6 Hours Arts (Art, Music and Drama) 6 Hours Technology 2 Hours Computing 2 Hours PE & PDC 5 Hours

10 Maths 10 Hours Science 12 Hours English 8 Hours OPTION 1 5 Hours OPTION 2 5 Hours OPTION 3 5 Hours Statutory RE 2 Hours Statutory PE 2 Hours Statutory PDC 1 Hour

11 Options Process Parents Information Evening – Monday 29 th February Options Evening –Thursday 10 th March


13 10 1 5 Key Stage 2 Post 16 study

14 OHS Assessment: Key characteristics: Graded 10 - 1. No sub levels or grades! Sequential and progressive system. Individual subjects define assessment objectives & performance descriptors at each level. Key reference points; 4 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 10 Singular system yr 7 to 11.

15 Progress: Aiming for at least 1 grade of progress per year. More regular home / school contact: mentor contact / parents evening / summary report.

16 Reporting Real time reporting via GO4Schools. Parental & student engagement is vital! Interim reporting will show teacher perception on progress. Students may take longer to show progress.


18 Underpinning beliefs: Quality first teaching secures high quality progress. Challenge for all. Hard work & application makes it possible for all to succeed. Feedback imperative; receiving & response. Home / school partnership secures student success.

19 Assessing starting positions on the new system Working with awarding bodies as they finalise specifications Accepting that enduring, secure progress takes time to achieve

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