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FTE Refresher Training Session Leon County Schools September 12 th, 2011.

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1 FTE Refresher Training Session Leon County Schools September 12 th, 2011

2 Agenda Leon County Schools FTE Refresher Training Session September 12th Elementary 9-11 Secondary Special Sites 1-3 IntroductionsArt Odeneal Naomi Coughlin Kristin Marschka FTE OverviewJeff Torgesen FTE WeekJeff Torgesen FTE ProceduresJeff Torgesen FTE AmendmentsJeff Torgesen ESOL Carol Allen ESE Bruce Harrison Hospital Homebound Bruce Harrison OJT Jeff Torgesen Dual EnrollmentJeff Torgesen Teacher Certification Kathy Culpepper Virtual School Jessica Lowe Home SchoolJessica Lowe Drop Ins (Private school Home school) Art Odeneal Class Size Jeff Torgesen Genesis and FTE Jeff Torgesen

3 FTE Overview

4 FTE-Full Time Equivalent Input into Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) FEFP includes FTE, DCD, program weights, and other adjustments Funded is calculated during 4 survey periods. A regular school year is funded through the October and February survey period. DJJ programs receive funding through June and July as does transportation. Student for full time funding purposes = *5 hours per day (300 minutes) *1500 minutes per week (25 hours) *180 days a year (except DJJ) *.5 un-weighted FTE per semester Anything over 25 hours per week is discarded see FTE Student Detail Report. DJJ students are funded at 250 instructional days maximum.

5 FTE Programs and Groups 10 FEFP Programs Basic: 101 (K-3); 102 (4-8); 103 (9- 12) ESE Basic: 111 (K-3); 112 (4-8); 113 (9- 12) *ESOL: 130 (K-12) *Career: 300 *ESE Levels 4 & 5: *254; 255 2 FEFP Program Groups Group 1: Basic Group 2: ESOL, Career, & 254/255 *Group 2 programs are capped at the appropriated funding for the program. If a district has a total over the cap, it will be funded at 1.0 and not at the program weight.

6 2012-2013 Program Weights Basic &Basic ESE (*K-3=1.117; 4-8=1.00; 9-12=1.020) 254=3.524 255=5.044 ESOL=1.161 ) Career=.999 Weighted FTE = the FTE times the cost factor (weight) *Includes PK ESE not at 254 or 255/VPK, School Readiness, and Private Pay PK are not funded through FTE.

7 FTE Week

8 FTE Eligibility during FTE Week Must be in membership during 1 of the 5 days during FTE week, AND ESOL Must have attended schools during 1 of the 11 days during the FTE attendance window (either during FTE week or 1 of the 6 days prior to FTE week)/based on attendance reported by teachers Must have certified teacher ESOL Must have valid course codes Friday is date certain for all FTE, and the students course schedule on Friday of FTE week is captured for funding. The school of enrollment on date certain claims the FTE. 2012-13 Survey Week Dates Survey 1-July 9-13, 2012 Survey 2-Oct. 8-12, 2012 Survey 3-Feb. 11-15, 2013 Survey 4-June 17-21, 2013

9 Withdrawal Dates Date of Withdrawal is the next school day following the students last day of membership If a students last day is Friday before FTE week his/her withdrawal date would be Monday of FTE week. We would not claim FTE on the student.

10 Who Gets the FTE? Student at LCS School A on Tuesday of FTE week but at LCS School B on Wednesday of FTE week. Student at LCS School on Tuesday of FTE week but at private school on Wednesday of FTE week. Student at LCS School on Tuesday of FTE week but in another Florida district on Wednesday of FTE week. Student at LCS on Tuesday of FTE week but out of state on Wednesday of FTE week.

11 FTE Procedures

12 FTE Procedures to Be Ready for FTE Week Use FTE Checklist Use FTE diagnostic reports to ensure that Genesis is accurate: *FTE Class Lists checked by teachers *ESE subsystem report checked by school *Detailed FTE Report checked by school. ESOL *Check mismatch report to verify accuracy of ESE scheduling *Be sure to make changes needed before and during FTE week

13 Reviewing FTE Reports Look at all reports a minimum of 3 times during and after FTE week: *Monday of FTE week to ensure that any edits were correct *Monday after FTE week *Monday after clean up week FTE files are frozen as of Friday of clean up week FTE amendments are needed to make changes after clean up week. ESOL Check for 11-day attendance criteria on Monday of clean-up week to have time to make needed changes. Beginning date in student course record must be before or on date certain of FTE week for students to be eligible. The principal must sign, date, and keep the FTE Totals page of the FTE Detailed Student report for potential audit purposes.

14 FTE Amendments

15 Required only for changes occurring after Friday of clean up week Deadlines for amendments to state (we must receive them 1 week earlier): Survey 1-9/30/12 Survey 2-3/31/13 Survey 3-7/31/13 Survey 4-8/31/13 Amendments must be completed in Genesis: 1. Print screen with ESOL incorrect student schedule. 2. Make corrections & save. 3. Print corrected schedule. 4. Clearly define changes on amendment form. 5. Send copies of 1, 3, & 4 to FTE office 1 work week prior to state deadline.

16 Important FTE Reports Genesis FTE Reports FTE Detailed Student Report FTE Class Lists ESE Subsystem Audit Report (not yet available in Genesis) Course Status Report (SCH002) Totals Page of FTE Detailed Student Report

17 Other Important Points to Remember

18 ESOL 487-7840 ESOL 487-7840 Weighted Funding-- 130 Code of LY enrolled in (a ) Intensive reading, language arts, English, and English through ESOL. (b) Math, science, social studies, and computer literacy using ESOL strategies. only if -- Teachers are certified in the subject area and are working on, or have completed, ESOL training requirements. May not claim weighted funding for elective courses--music, PE, art, foreign language, etc.--even if teachers are ESOL certified or endorsed. Only teachers teaching language arts or reading to ELLs who are not ESOL certified or endorsed must be reported as out of field for ESOL. Board must approve and letters must be sent to parents of LY students-- prior to October FTE Survey. Students coded LY must be revaluated at the end of the first 3 years to see if they qualify for extended ESOL instruction and weighted funding. They must be revaluated each year thereafter… Weighted funding can only be claimed for 6 total years even if student still needs services. 7 th- year ESOL students must be coded by schools in basic program.

19 Calculating ESOL Minutes Code ESOL 130 for the amount of time student is being taught courses eligible for ESOL- weighted funding, Code Basic for remaining courses. ESE coding will override ESOL funding. Steps for correctly coding fundable ESOL courses: -- Print latest DOE listing of 130 eligible courses. --Print each LY students course schedule. --Identify eligible courses taught by eligible teachers.

20 ESE Must check to ensure that ESE students are coded correctly according to IEP and are served correctly according to IEP ESE students will not be claimed for ESE funding until data is entered in Genesis Check ESE subsystem report to correct inaccuracies Check to ensure that teachers hold correct certification

21 ESE A Matrix of Services must be completed for all ESE students. A Matrix is completed after the IEP meeting has been held and IEP has been completed. A copy of the Matrix must be placed in each students ESE folder at the school with the IEP that it represents. A copy of the Matrix and IEP must be turned in to the ESE office for scanning. For audit purposes, the school maintains the OFFCIAL COPY of the IEP and Matrix.

22 ESE Students receiving services from Hospital/Homebound during the period of time covered by the funding surveys should only be claimed by cost center 9004 (school of instruction). The school of enrollment should flag their courses as non-FTE generating while the student is being served by hospital homebound.

23 On the Job Training To receive FTE funding, time cards must be completed by students and kept on site by the school for audit purposes.

24 Dual Enrollment K-12 school of enrollment codes the courses taken at universities or community colleges. TIS has the course code needed for the classes taken. To ensure that the K-12 school has attendance records for these students, the students are required to have the professors sign a form provided by the K-12 school daily. The form must be submitted to and kept by the K-12 school for audit purposes.

25 Teacher Certification For teachers teaching out of field, the following must be completed before FTE week: 1. School Board approval ESOL 2. Notice to parents-(Keep in audit file.) This must be done each year and each semester that the teacher is out of field. Reading/language arts teachers are reported out of field for ESOL each year they teach an LY student--until they hold ESOL certification or the ESOL Endorsement. Questions regarding certification should be directed to the Human Resources Dept.

26 Virtual Instruction Program School Number: 7001 ONLY a full time program Grade levels served: K-12 Vendors: Florida Virtual School Full Time/Connections Academy, K12 Incorporated Enrollment: 19 Leon County Virtual School (franchise of FLVS) School Number: 7004 Full and Part time program Local teachers, local support staff Enrollment: FT: 38, PT: 661 Part time students must be alt schooled to 7004. There must be a virtual school placeholder on the students schedule even if it is the 7 th period day for 9-12 students. Leon County Digital Academy School Number(s): Full Time 7023, Part Time 7006 Local teachers, local support staff Enrollment: FT: 8, PT: 86 Part time students must be alt schooled to 7006. There must be a virtual school placeholder on the students schedule even if it is the 7 th period day for 9-12 students. Virtual School in Leon County

27 Genesis holding place – 9998 Enrollment Process: DO NOT withdraw a student until you have confirmed with the home school office that the parent has submitted their Letter of Intent and their Home School Registration Form Alt School Process: Contact Carol Allen – confirm enrollment & immunization clearance Email Genesis Support– request alt school from 9998 to your school number _____ Withdrawal Process: The parent MUST send a Letter of Termination to the Home School office to enroll in traditional public school. Call or email Carol Allen ( or (850) 487-7840) Home School

28 Drop-Ins/Study Hall Home school students and students from private schools can enroll in LCS. The LCS should enroll that student for the requested courses. This would be one of the few times a student would not earn the full.5 FTE for a semester. Study Hall earns no FTE.

29 Class Size Class size reports will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Even if you have met class size you must still check reports. Coteachers must have Scheduling method C Making a new class? Check the room!

30 Genesis and FTE Mark students ineligible in Genesis Gifted non- participating Mark courses ineligible

31 QUESTIONS? Please email additional questions to

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