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CW: Begin Literature Circles

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1 CW: Begin Literature Circles
BW: Read the back of the novel on your desk. Check out the pictures on the front and back. Talk with your group members about what you think the book will be about. Find the author’s name. See if anyone in your group recognizes the author. Find the page that lists other books by the author. Does anyone in your group recognize any of his/her books?

2 Red Kayak 1-4 Questions Where does Brady live?
Why did the state legislature cut the number of hours in Brady’s dad’s workday? What worries Brady about Mr. DiAngelo? Why is Digger angry with Mr. DiAngelo? Why do you think Brady can imagine how cold and scared Ben was? What happened in Brady’s past that would allow him to relate to Ben?

3 Red Kayak 1-4 Vocabulary Burrow Corrode Deceptive Antioxidants Quipped

4 Question Maker 3 Knowledge Questions 1 Application Question 1 Evaluation Question

5 Double Dutch Chapters 1and 2
Delia and Charlene give two examples of ways the Tolliver twins cause trouble. Discuss two of the ways. How is the school Delia and Charlene attend different from big city schools? When Tabu and Titan walk through the crowd in the hallway, what do they do to Charlene? Describe Miss Benson. What does Miss Benson do as she calls roll in class? What does Yo Yo say to Randy that makes him angry? What is the secret that Delia hides from everyone?  What is odd about Randy physically? What items does Randy have for a snack when he comes home from school? Why are the Tolliver twins on TV? Do you think the TV host solves any problems for the Tolllivers? Explain your answer. What does Delia think the Tollivers are going to do as a result of their TV appearance? What is the secret Randy is hiding from everyone?

6 Double Dutch 1-2 Vocab Confrontation Detectors Clenched Forged
Excessive Stunned

7 Question Maker 3 Knowledge Questions 2 Comprehension Questions 1 Application Question

8 The Mighty Chapters 1-4 CHAPTER 1 1. Who is narrating the story? 2. List five points about how the narrator describes himself. 3. What is Grim's opinion of the narrator's father? Give proof. CHAPTER 2 1. Describe the "down under" (Make 5 points). 2. When does the story take place? 3. Describe the new neighbors (Make 5 points each). CHAPTER 3 1. Max says Kevin "scared" him. Explain what he meant. 2. What gets Max and Kevin speaking in Chapter 3? Explain the situation CHAPTER 4 1. Why does Kevin call his mother the "Fair Gwen"? 2. It is obvious that Kevin is very interested in two key things in Chapter 4. Give a brief description of each & tell why you think he is interested in each. 3. Does Max like to read? Explain why or why not.

9 The Mighty 1-4 Vocab Unvanquished Vacant Propulsion Sobriquet Fiend

10 Question Maker 1 Knowledge Question 2 Comprehension Question 1 Analysis Question 1 Synthesis Question

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