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A. Immigration of the Gilded Age “New Immigrants” Immigrants coming from new countries –Italy –Russia –Austro-Hungarian Empire Very different religions.

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2 A. Immigration of the Gilded Age


4 “New Immigrants” Immigrants coming from new countries –Italy –Russia –Austro-Hungarian Empire Very different religions and cultural backgrounds Were seen as lower level “races” than Western European immigrants 1880’s – 19% of immigrants 1900 – 66% of immigrants 25% of the immigrants will return home

5 Why were they coming? Population of the Old World growing rapidly –American Food Exports –Industrialization 60 million Europeans will be uprooted –Half will come to the U.S. with “America Fever” Many came for the idea of the “land of opportunity” Some came to escape religious persecutions –Jews

6 Immigration on the West Coast Mainly Chinese immigrants –Some Japanese 1870’s on Chinese families now immigrating Faced horrible discrimination Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) – 1 st time a race is barred from entering the U.S.

7 Fighting Exclusion U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark(1898) –Fought for 14 th amendment rights –Set an important legal precedent for citizenship –If you were born here you were a CITIZEN But Exclusion still legal

8 Ellis Island (1892) Main processing facility on the East Coast Processed 70% of all immigrants Had medical inspections Sent home any undesirables (2%)

9 Angel Island West Coast Ellis Island Would hold the Chinese appealing the Exclusion Act

10 The Immigrant Lifestyle Ethnic Neighborhoods Tried to preserve traditional cultures –Speaking native languages –Established their own schools –Had businesses that catered to just them Low Wages, Unskilled Labor source Used as “Scabs” Children will lose the traditional culture and become more mainstreamed Mulberry Street Bend 1900 “Little Italy”


12 The Nativist Reaction? Anglo-Saxon Americans feared being outbred and outvoted Saw New Immigrants as scum 1882 law began restricting immigration American Protective Association (1887) In 1886 the Statue of Liberty given to the U.S –Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

13 Immigrant Advocates Tammany Hall and other Political Machines –Helped immigrants find jobs and become citizens Settlement Houses –Helped immigrants adjust to life in the United States –Ex: Jane Addams’ Hull House

14 B. Urbanization of the Gilded Age

15 Urban Growth: 1870-1900

16 Characteristics 1.Megapolis - Sprawling Urban Area - Grew both up and out - 1 st Skyscraper built in Chicago in 1885

17 2.Mass Transit - Sprawling suburbs needed to connect to city centers - Electric Trolley - Bridges

18 3. Economic and Social Opportunities - Jobs attracted people to the cities - Urban lifestyle was very attractive - Electricity, Indoor Plumbing, Telephones - Department stores (Macy’s)

19 4.Pronounced Class Distinctions - Wealthy had their own distinct neighborhoods - Poor lived in the “Slums” in buildings called tenements

20 Immigrant Family Lodgings

21 - Most tenements were overcrowded, had poor ventilation and were dangerous - 1879, NYC passed the Dumbbell Tenement Plan to try to improve conditions


23 5.Squalid Living Conditions - No waste in the countryside - LOTS of waste in the cities - Impure water, uncollected garbage, unwashed bodies, and animal droppings littered the cities - Led to the spread of diseases like cholera and tuberculosis

24 - Jacob Riis How the Other Half Lives tried to expose the squalid living conditions Bandit’s Roost Five Cent Lodgings

25 6.New Opportunities for Women 7.Political Machines 8.Ethnic Neighborhoods

26 Amusement in the Cities More Americans have more leisure time Want to find amusement –Vaudeville –Circus –Professional Sports Baseball –Games Croquet Bicycles

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