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English III Making friends

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1 English III Making friends
Unit 1

2 In Unit 1 , you’re going to learn how to…
Use the simple Present and Present of BE ( REVIEW ) Give responses with TOO and EITHER. Talk about yourself, your family , and your favorite things. Use ACTUALLY to give or “correct” information.

3 Present Tense Verb BE I am an accountant You are a student He is a
lawyer She is an actor It is a dog We are cooks They are spies personal pronoun + verb Be + complement

4 Negative Sentences Present Tense Verb BE Isn’t = Is not
Aren’t = Are not I am not Ok. You are not Very well He is not fine She is not all right It is not here We are not in the park They are not at home personal pronoun + verb Be + not + complement

5 Interrogative Sentences
Present Tense Verb BE: Interrogative Sentences Am I late ? Yes, I am. Are You OK. ? Is He at work ? Is She at home ? Is It a dog ? Are We at the office ? No, I’m not. Are They with Marion ? Verb Be + personal pronoun + complement + ?

6 Simple Present Tense Short Answers QUESTION AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE
Am I late? Yes, you are. No, you’re not Are you an actor? Yes, I am. No, I’m not Is he a lawyer? Yes, he is. No, he’s not Are we bad dancers? Yes, you are. No, you aren’t Are they alive? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t



9 Do / Does Don’t / Doesn’t
Simple Present Tense Do / Does Don’t / Doesn’t

10 Affirmative I study mathematics. You study mathematics.
He studies mathematics. She studies mathematics. It studies mathematics. We study mathematics. They study mathematics. Subject + Verb + Complement

11 Grammar Rules He fishes in the sea. She kisses her boyfriend.
Verb ending: "SS", "SH", "CH", "O" and "X"  He fishes  in the sea. She kisses  her boyfriend. He watches  T.V. everyday. He fixes  his car. She goes  to work. Subject + Verb + Complement

12 Grammar Rules She tries to be better. try She studies for her exam.
Verbs ending: Consonant + Y She tries  to be better. She studies  for her exam. He flies  in the sky. He tidies  his bedroom. He spies  on me. try study fly tidy spy Subject + Verb + Complement

13 Grammar Rules She buys a car. She pays for the taxi.
Verbs ending: Vowel + Y She buys  a car. She pays  for the taxi. He plays  the guitar. He enjoys  playing tennis. He says  to me. Subject + Verb + Complement

14 Negative Aux. →inf. Verb. I don’t play drums. You don’t play drums.
He doesn’t play drums. She doesn’t play drums. It doesn’t play drums. We don’t play drums. They don’t play drums. Subject + Don’t/Doesn’t + Verb [inf]+ Complement

15 Grammar Rules Aux. → Inf. Verb. I don't play tennis.
Do + Not = Don’t Does + Not = Doesn’t  I  don't  play tennis. He  doesn't  work in an office. They  don't  travel to Santiago. I  do not play tennis. He  does not  work in an office. They  do not  travel to Santiago. Subject + Don’t/Doesn’t + Verb [inf]+ Complement

16 Interrogative Aux. →inf. verb. Do I go to work ? Do You go to work ?
Does He go to work ? Does She go to work ? Does It go to work ? Do We go to work ? Do They go to work ? Do/Does + Subject + Verb [Inf] + Complement ?

17 Grammar Rules Do you work on Sundays? What does he do on Saturday?
Aux. → Inf. Verb Affirmative and Negative questions  Do you work on Sundays? What does he do on Saturday? Don’t you come here on Saturdays? Why doesn’t she talk to us? Do/Does + Subject + Verb [Inf] + Complement ? Wh + Do/Does + Subject + Verb[Inf] + Complement ?

18 VERB BE Use of “ TOO “ Sentence TOO I am a student Me too. So am I.
+ VERB BE I am a student Me too. So am I. I am too.

19 AUXILIARS ( DO / DOES ) Use of “ TOO “ Sentence TOO
+ AUXILIARS ( DO / DOES ) I have a car Me too. So do I. I do too.

20 AUXILIAR ( DID ) Use of “ TOO “ Sentence TOO I went home. Me too.
+ AUXILIAR ( DID ) I went home Me too. So did I. I did too.

21 AUXILIAR ( WILL ) Use of “ TOO “ Sentence TOO I will go alone. Me too.
+ AUXILIAR ( WILL ) I will go alone Me too. So will I. I will too.

Use of “ TOO “ Sentence TOO + AUXILIARY VERBS (CAN /MAY / MUST ) I can swim Me too. So can I. I can too.

23 Use of “ NEITHER “ Sentence NEITHER VERB BE
- VERB BE I’m not lazy Me ( n ) either. Neither am I. I am not either. NOT EITHER = NEITHER

24 AUXILIARS ( DO / DOES ) Use of “ NEITHER “ Sentence NEITHER
- AUXILIARS ( DO / DOES ) I don’t mind Me (n)either. Neither do I. I don’t either.

Use of “ NEITHER “ Sentence NEITHER - AUXILIARY VERBS (CAN /MAY / MUST ) I can’t swim Me ( n )either. Neither can I. I can’t either.

A) What a nice hat? B) Thanks it’s my father’s, ACTUALLY. A) Do you drive? B) No, I walk ACTUALLY CORRECT

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