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It took him HOW LONG to get home?

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1 It took him HOW LONG to get home?
Odysseus’ Journey It took him HOW LONG to get home?

2 Homer (the author) Blind poet and bard
Very little is known about his life Probably lived in the 8th or 9th century Responsible for the first written literature Wrote two epic poems: the Iliad and the Odyssey

3 Epic Poem Long narrative (story-telling) poem
Can’t be told in one sitting Complex stories about several main characters Cover many years Often about the adventures of heroes

4 What Makes an Epic Hero? Strong, but no super powers
Faithful to his family, his country, and his god Brave Intelligent Help from a higher force or being

5 The Trojan War Fought during 12th century BC (before Christ)
Homer wrote about it in the Iliad 2000 years later Many movies have been made about it : “Troy” Trojans LOST the war; the Greeks won

6 Heroes of the Trojan War
Many heroes fought in the Trojan War: Achilles (Brad Pitt) Hector (Eric Bana) Paris (Orlando Bloom) Odysseus Achilles is the main character of the Iliad (the book before The Odyssey)

7 Trojan Horse Odysseus’ idea—thanks to Athena Held 100 men inside
Won the war for the Greeks after 10 years of fighting

8 Odysseus King of Ithaca Brilliant military leader Athena’s favorite
Built the Trojan Horse

9 Odysseus’ Flaws Pride Lack of vigilance (keeping an eye on things)
Easily tempted

10 The Voyage Home Odysseus and his crew set sail for Ithaca
Approximately 600 miles Should take only a few weeks Takes 10 years (also spent a couple of years fighting the war, so he was really gone closer to 20 years)

11 TROY Ithaca

12 Why so long? LOTS of stops on the way Women Monsters Gods


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