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2 What would I do? I intend to go forward with as a future career as a website designer. I would love to create web pages for big companies and not have to leave my house everyday. Using a creative mind all the time to develop unique and professional layouts would be my ideal job. I would love to spend my days adding onto my portfolio, advertising my business and gaining clients.

3 Why a web designer? I haven’t always wanted to be a website designer. My dream job was always to be a professional photographer but then realized how difficult it would be to earn enough money. I used to create layouts on different websites and enjoyed it a lot. Using the different fonts and creating different designs would be really exciting to me. I would say that I'm pretty good when it comes to matching different colors and shades, so that would come in handy when creating a website layout. I'm quite familiar with the adobe programs and that’d would be a plus when starting off in this career.

4 Post-Secondary Course #1 British Columbia Institute of Technology is the school that hosts the New Media Design and Web Development program. BCIT is appealing to me because It is very close to my hometown, I love the city of Vancouver and have heard great things about this school.The cost of the program is about $10,902 and requires: English 12 or Communications 12 (at least a C+)

5 Post-Secondary Course #2 The second post-secondary program that would be great for me to take is the Graphic Design for Print and Web course. It is hosted my Humber College. This course is appealing to me because I find graphic design to be really fun and believe that taking this course would have a positive impact when I pursuit into this career. I find that this course would lots of fun to take and could be a positive impact in my dream career. The total cost is $7, 250 ($6,750 for program and supplies cost approx. $500.) The main requirement for this course is receiving your high school diploma and some additional requirements are computer literacy and an assessment interview.

6 Post-Secondary Course #3 The second course that looks like a great course to take would be the Internet Production program at Vancouver Island University. The internet production program would be a great course to take because it would make the carrier of a website designer a lot easier to understand. The schooling cost about $6,080 in total and is a two year course. The requirments: High school diploma and English 12 (C+ as minimum grade) and Basic computer skills including: using programs, accessing and using the Internet, sending/receiving email.

7 How are the working conditions? The working hours of a website designer vary between 35 to 40 hours a week and the risk of injury's in next to nothing. Work days are regular week days, but weekend work is required (to meet deadlines) and is a year round job. Considering the job of a computer designer is a very virtual job and mainly done all on a computer, it is a very indoor job. Having a professional appearance is required at times, when at the office and meeting face to face with clients.

8 What’s the salary? The typical salary of a professional website designer fluctuates between $25,000 to $100,000 (or more) a year Future outlook? Depending on the worker's education and experience, the most success getting clients and different jobs would come easier when the designer knows more about their job. Also, the quality of their designs has a big impact on their success in the business. Advertisement is a good way to spread your name threw all kinds of businesses and increase customers.


10 Photographer If I was not able to persuade my dream career as website designer, then I would try and get into the career of a full time photographer. I love that every day you are able to use your creativity to create something beautiful. I'm already very passionate about photography and would love to do it as a career.

11 Graphic Designer Another career that interests me and I think that I would be good at would be a graphic designer. I have used and worked with different fonts on Adobe Photoshop and really enjoyed it. A carrier based on designing logos and experimenting with different colors and fonts really interests me.

12 Webmaster Having the job of a webmaster also is interesting to me because I have always been interested by the way the internet works. I think that learning and training for this job would be interesting because the way the internet works is really fascinating to me.

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