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Election 2008 Election 2008 The Race to the White House.

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1 Election 2008 Election 2008 The Race to the White House

2 Election 2008 Election 2008 The Race for the White House

3 Key Election Terms Political party – an organization to gain political power. Candidate – a person who seeks an office, honor, etc. Primary election – a preliminary election in which voters of each party nominate candidates for office, party officers General election – a regularly scheduled local, state, or national election in which voters elect officeholders.

4 Key Election Terms Caucus – a meeting of party members within a legislative body to select leaders and determine strategy Closed primary – direct primary in which only persons meeting tests of party membership may vote. Open primary – a direct primary election in which voters need not meet a test of party membership.

5 Electoral College? Huh??

6 U.S. presidents are NOT chosen by direct popular vote (meaning they got the most votes from the people)…just ask Al Gore (2000), Grover Cleveland (1888), Sam Tilden (1876), Andrew Jackson (1828). Instead, the Electoral College actually decides the presidency… In every state, a list of electors is pledged to each candidate. The purpose of the direct popular vote in each state is to choose one of these electors.

7 Electoral College? Huh?? Usually, the candidate who wins the direct popular vote in a state gets all of the states electoral votes… These electors meet in their state capitals in December to cast their states electoral votes for president. These votes are sent to the U.S. Congress for official counting…

8 Electoral College? Huh?? The total number of votes in the Electoral College is 538. The presidential candidate who wins 270 or more of these votes wins the election!!!

9 Election 2008 Election 2008 The Campaigning Begins!

10 Democratic Candidates P.S. Why does the Democratic Party use a donkey as its symbol? Most associated with President Andrew Jackson, who was called a jackass by his opponents!!! President Jackson then took up the symbol to describe his own stubbornness!! In 1874, Thomas Nast made the symbol popular in a political cartoon and it remains to this day!!

11 Democratic Candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY)

12 Democratic Candidates Sen. John Edwards (NC)

13 Democratic Candidates Sen. Barack Obama (IL)

14 Other Democratic Candidates Gov. Bill Richardson (NM) Sen. Chris Dodd (CN) Rep. Dennis Kuchich (OH) Sen. Joseph Biden (DE)

15 Republican Candidates P.S. Why does the Republican Party use an elephant as its symbol? In 1874, Thomas Nast again drew a political cartoon depicting the Democratic donkey kicking at a Republican elephant. The idea stuck and is still used today!

16 Republican Candidates Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR)

17 Republican Candidates Sen. John McCain (AZ)

18 Republican Candidates Gov. Mitt Romney (MA)

19 Other Republican Candidates Fmr. Mayor Rudy Giuliani (NYC) Fmr. Sen. Fred Thompson (TN) Rep. Ron Paul (TX)

20 The Party Debates

21 Democratic Debates




25 Republican Debates




29 Nomination Process Each state holds a primary election or caucus Depending on state or party laws, voters often are voting for a delegate who will be bound to vote for that candidate at the partys national convention. Unpledged delegates also participate in the partys nominating convention, but are not bound to vote for a particular candidate.

30 Democratic Primaries Obama – 2,206 Clinton – 1,906 Edwards – 26 TOTAL NEEDED – 2,118

31 Democratic Primaries Obama = Green / Clinton = Red

32 Republican Primaries McCain – 1,504 Huckabee - 286 Romney - 242 TOTAL NEEDED – 1,191

33 Republican Primaries McCain = Blue / Huckabee = Orange / Romney = Green

34 The Nominees

35 Republican Nominee Republican Nominee Sen. John McCain

36 Republican Nominee Sen. John McCain U.S. Senator from Arizona 72 years old U.S. Naval Academy, B.S., 1958 National War College, 1974


38 Democratic Nominee Democratic Nominee Sen. Barack Obama

39 Democratic Nominee Sen. Barack Obama U.S. Senator from Illinois 47 years old Columbia University, B.A., 1983 Harvard University, J.D., 1991


41 Election 2008 Election 2008 The Issues

42 Iraq War & War on Terror Believes that the U.S. should fulfill its mission in Iraq. Believes U.S. troops should remain until the mission is completed. Believes war in Iraq is directly related to the War on Terror

43 Iraq War & War on Terror Believes in a slow, scheduled withdrawl from Iraq. Believes war was a strategic blunder. Believes in open dialogue with Syria & Iran. Believes focus of War on Terror should be on Al- Qaeda and the Taliban.

44 Illegal Immigration Supports giving illegal aliens eventual citizenship if earned. Advocates fines, waiting periods, and deportation in some cases. Supports building a wall to increase border security.

45 Illegal Immigration Supports giving illegal aliens eventual citizenship if earned. Supports border patrol and building a wall. Advocates holding employers accountable for hiring illegal aliens.

46 Energy Crisis Advocates development of alternative fuels. Says oil profits should be reinvested into nuclear energy. Does not support the Kyoto Protocol.

47 Energy Crisis Calls for more investment in hybrid and ethanol production. Advocates conservation and development of alternative fuels. Would look into more nuclear energy.

48 Education Believes in rewarding good schools. Supports charter schools. Opposed to national standards for funding. Believes states should decide school voucher issue.

49 Education Believes in providing incentives to improve the educational system. Increase teacher pay to attract more qualified teachers. Says No Child Left Behind is under funded.

50 Health Care Opposes universal, mandated health care and insurance. Supports tax credits and medical savings accounts for health care. Advocates more community health centers.

51 Health Care Believes U.S. Government should provide universal health care for all. Advocates more competition among insurance & pharmaceutical markets to lower costs.

52 Foreign Policy Advocates overthrowing rogue governments and using assertive tactics. Dialogue with China, not Cuba. Believes nuclear strength should be a tool in diplomacy.

53 Foreign Policy NATO should be strengthened. U.S. policy should be to promote democracy & human rights. Supports African development. Supports Israel. Dialogue with Syria / Iran

54 The Party Tickets!!

55 Democratic Ticket Democratic Ticket Obama / Biden 08

56 Republican Ticket Republican Ticket McCain / ?????? 08

57 Party Nominating Conventions

58 Democratic National Convention




62 Republican National Convention

63 Just ONE Vote!!! 1776: One vote gave America the English language instead of German. 1800: One vote kept Aaron Burr, later charged with treason, from becoming president. 1850: One vote made California a state. 1859: One vote made Oregon a state. 1868: One vote saved President Andrew Johnson from being removed from office.

64 Still dont get it??

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