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Interesting facts about Lemurs

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1 Interesting facts about Lemurs
By Grace Parsley

2 Lemur’s habitat Lemurs live in the forest.
They mostly live on the island of Madagascar. They rarely live on Comoros.

3 The type of group The Lemur is in the primates group.
The human is also in primates group.

4 What they look like Lemurs have very long tails.
Lemurs are very fluffy and look like monkeys. The Lemurs also look like a fluffy rat.

5 What lemurs eat Sometimes Lemurs eat bugs. Lemurs eat meat.

6 Interesting facts They are very fluffy. Their tail is 2 feet long.
They can run over 20 miles an hour. They look like a lot of animals. Lemurs live for about 15 years

7 Sources Encyclopedia/Dictionary

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