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Themes, Imagery, and Symbols

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1 Themes, Imagery, and Symbols
In Fahrenheit 451

2 Theme an observation of life which serves as the controlling idea in a literary work seldom presented word-for-word but is more often found as an abstract idea, surfacing through: the actions and dialogues of characters, the use of symbols and recurring images, or the manipulation of other literary devices are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work

3 Themes in Fahrenheit 451 Revolve around: Censorship
Knowledge versus ignorance Happiness Alienation and loneliness Life and death Conformity Excessive reliance on machines

4 Examples Where do you see examples of these themes emerging in the Part One of Fahrenheit 451?

5 Imagery Through descriptive language
Through the use of similes and metaphors Through recurring images, especially those involving nature and technology (notice how these are presented as polar opposites in this book)

6 Symbols Hearth: sustenance, warmth, life, unity
Salamander: fire, typically a guide to knowledge Look for more symbols as we read, especially in the titles of each section of the book

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