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Inverse Operations (x&/)

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1 Inverse Operations (x&/)
By: Me Math Period 2

2 Benchmark: Topic #22: Benchmark:MA.7.2.3: Apply inverse relationships between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division, to solve one- step problems.

3 Definition: Operations that “undo” each other. Multiplying and dividing are inverse operations and so are addition and subtraction.

4 Example/ Drawing/ Formula:
First you do the inverse of multiplying 3 which is dividing 3. That cancels out. Then I do 6/3, which equals 2. Next, you take the 9x and divide by 9 which now means you are left with x. Now you bring the 2 down and divide 2 and 9 (2/9). Therefore, x= 2/9. Equation: 9x * 3 = 6 9x * 3 = 6 /3 /3 9x = 2 / /9 x = 2/9

5 Create A Question: Can you solve this equation?

6 My Question: 14x / 4 = 7

7 Solution to question: x= 2 How did I get 2? Here… look at this

8 Explanation To Question:
What you have to do is do the inverse of dividing 4 which is multiplying 4. That cancels out. Then you do the same to the other side. 7x4=28. Bring that down(28). Next, 14x/14equals it canceling out. X is left over. So, 28/14=2. Therefore, x=2. 14x / 4 = 7

9 Credits: I would like to thank: Google (for the images)
Mr. Imamura (for the math) Kahiki ( for helping me to put the image as the background) Mom( for letting me use the computer)

10 Thank you for watching!!!

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