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Parent Portal Also known as: The next best thing to being at school with your student!

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1 Parent Portal Also known as: The next best thing to being at school with your student!

2 What’s Parent Portal? Allows parents to view their students information from home. grades behavior homework lunch accounts test results and more

3 I use my student’s account. Why do I need my own? Only allows you to see that particular student. Your own account, will have access to all of your students in ONE logon. Also, you don’t have to worry about your student changing their password and not telling you the new one……

4 How do I create my account? By filling out a simple form, you can request an activation key. Forms can be found at the school your student attends. Or, you can visit, click on Community then visit the Parent Resources section and download the Parent Portal Request Form. Fill it out and send with student to school. Once processed you will be emailed an activation key. If you do not have email, you will receive a call informing you that your activation key is ready for pick up.

5 I have my activation key. Now what? After receiving your key, go to the web site given to you with your activation key. You will see the box to the right. Click on the top click here for people with activation keys. Enter your activation key. You can enter your key by hand or copy and paste from the email your received. Then click submit.

6 Almost done! Select your username and password. Now you get to select your own username and password. Passwords in Campus must be at least 8 characters and include one capital letter and one number, e.g. Turner11. (Don’t use that one because now everyone knows it!) Make your password something you will remember.

7 Account Creation Successful! After successfully creating your account, you will need to return to the login page and enter your newly created account information. Now let’s see what you can see!

8 Opening Screen This is your opening, or home screen. From here you have access to all your family household information and all information on your student/s. Check out the inbox. All messages sent to your phone or email also appear here. Clicking on the little house from any page will bring you back to this page. Clicking on any section with an arrow will bring up that page.

9 Household information This page displays the information the district has on your household. You can update your household phone number from this page and request an address change also. Remember, you must show verification for address changes.

10 Family Members This page lists all the information we have for each member of your household. From here you can update any phone, email, relationship, and the contact order for all your family members.

11 Calendar The calendar gives you information such as when your student has an assignment due, what days we are off school and when your students were absent. Clicking on the A will show the assignments, clicking on the bell will show attendance details.

12 Food Service This page allows you to see the lunch balances of your student/s and on what they are spending their lunch money.

13 Change Password From this page, you can change your portal password. Always change your password if you suspect that someone knows it.

14 Contact Preferences This page will allow you to change or update your email address and your choices for the district messenger. With the beginning of the 11-12 school year, you have the option to also receive text messages along with email and phone messages.

15 What can I see on my student? At the top of the page, you see Switch Student. Click on it and pick a student. Let’s see what you find…..

16 Student Schedule This page allows you to see your student’s schedule. The envelope will allow you to email that particular teacher if you have questions, the paper will show current assignments and scores.

17 Student Attendance From this page you can check your student’s attendance details. You can see their attendance for a course, a specific period, day or term. Remember, if your student is absent, you will need to call the school or they will be counted unexcused.

18 Student Behavior This page will show you all behavior events for your student. Not that they necessarily have any.

19 Student Health This page allows you to see all of the immunizations the district has on record. With a right click, you can even print this page out.

20 Student Assessments From here you can see all of your student’s test records and scores. This can be long since it shows all tests they have taken since they have been with the district! Tests are categorized as either State Tests or District Tests.

21 Student Reports This page allows you to print important student reports. These reports all require Acrobat Reader and there is a convenient link to download and install this program if you don’t already have it.

22 Student Demographics This page shows non-household contacts, or emergency contacts. From here you can add new contacts or change the information on current contacts.

23 Final Thoughts We encourage all parents to sign up for a Parent Portal account. If you have any questions, please email and we will answer them as quickly and in as much detail as possible.

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