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Data Team Training Data & Deliberate Practice September, 2013.

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1 Data Team Training Data & Deliberate Practice September, 2013

2 Professional Development

3 Learning Goal Data Team Members will understand how Deliberate Practice and Data work together to increase teacher effectiveness and will be able to work with groups of teachers at school site on initiating their PDP using the online Professional Growth System (PGS).

4 Professional Development System Florida Statute 1012.98 The purpose of the system is to increase student achievement, enhance classroom instructional strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum, and prepare students for continuing education and the workforce.

5 Professional Development Think/Share Activity –Think of a training that you attended that caused you to do something different in your classroom. –Discuss at your table what you did differently as a result of the training. –Share as a large group.

6 What is Deliberate Practice? –Video -teaching-with- video?utm_source=Teaching+Channel+Newslett er&utm_campaign=446a6853cc- Newsletter_September_14_2013&utm_medium= email&utm_term=0_23c3feb22a-446a6853cc- 290712789

7 What is Deliberate Practice? Discuss at your table…What your understanding is of deliberate practice? Share out in large group.

8 What is Deliberate Practice? –Deliberate Practice is a way for teachers to grow their expertise through a series of planned activities, reflection, and collaboration. Setting goals Focused practice observing and discussing teaching, and Monitoring your progress

9 Deliberate Practice Reciprocal Teaching Activity –Assign Table Roles for Article Activity Predictor Summarizer Questioner Clarifier –Read Article and Discuss Using Roles Assigned –Share with large group.

10 Deliberate Practice Goal An expectation that all teachers can increase their expertise from year to year which produces gains in student achievement from year to year with a powerful cumulative effect.

11 Deliberate Practice Align and realign resources each year. Not only do you have to teach it…you have to ensure your students learn it!

12 Deliberate Practice Deliberate Practice begins with empowering teachers! –Identify areas that I am really good at and areas that I need to improve in. –Identify structured deliberate ways to improve

13 Recripical Teaching Activity _teaching/

14 Reciprocal Teaching Activity Group Activity –Identify Roles –Using the article provided and the identified roles for your group, complete the assignment –Share with the group the threads of information based on the role activities

15 Professional Growth System PDPsGetting Started

16 Teacher Needs Assessment Self –Assessment is a new section this year and helps teachers focus on areas of growth and professional development. The self-assessment is the teacher evaluation observation rubric.

17 Teacher Needs Assessment Teachers should honestly indicate their level of proficiency on each element on the rubric. The self assessment will not be reflected in the final evaluation scoring. Areas of weakness should be considered as teachers write their teacher needs goal on the PDP.

18 PDP Goals Student Goal –Evaluate current student data –Target a specific content area of need –Target a specific group of students –Use standardized tests as your main measure when available

19 PDP Goals Teacher Goal –Self-Assessment Data –Student Data Needs –Teacher Certification Needs –School Improvement Needs

20 Professional Development Needs Assessment On PGS using the drop-down menu select no more than 3 training areas that will help teachers meet their student and teacher goals

21 Reflection/Tracking Progress On PGS/Section 11, Step 3 (NEW) –At the end of the 2 nd nine weeks of school, teachers will complete section 11, step 3 by reflecting on Deliberate Practice (training they have attended and instructional changes they have made) and the data resulting from the Deliberate Practice.

22 Deliberate Practice Develop learning stations that focus on Reading comprehension (Think-Pair-Share) Use of FCAT Benchmark Mini-Lessons to enhance vocabulary and comprehension skills Use of PowerPoint presentations to introduce vocabulary and literacy skills Use of Leveled Readers to enhance instruction and provide fluency practice Use of FCAT Reading workbook to review skills to respond to long/short responses

23 Part II Professional Development Goal S pecific in terms of target area for improvement and be written in the future tense. M easurable in terms of the desired improvement in student performance. A ttainable in light of available resources and conditions. R elevant to continuous quality improvement of instruction and student performance. T rack able with the context of flexibility and shall specify a completion date.

24 Elementary Sample PDP Goals Middle Sample PDP Goals High School Sample PDP Goals

25 Elementary Teacher Data -3 students are part of the SWD AYP subgroup. -25% of students did not demonstrate proficiency on the Reading FCAT. -35% of students were a level 1 or 2 on the current Think Link Reading Assessment

26 Student Needs Goal -65% of students in the SWD subgroup will achieve a Level 3 or above on Think Link and/or FCAT. -60% of students scoring a Level 1 or 2 will move up a level as evidenced by FCAT and/or Think Link.

27 Teacher Needs Goal My goal will be to increase my reading skills by attending reading training activities. I will also use Discovery Assessment to provide continuous monitoring for student progress in reading.

28 Projected Professional Development -School based Inservice -Collaboration with Grade level colleagues -Observation of Modeling practices by Reading Coach -SME Reading Workshop -Mimio technology workshop

29 Middle School Data 65% of my students will make learning gains in reading as measured by the 2014 FCAT.

30 SMART Data Review David Johnson/Michelle Ingram

31 Articles Used in Training -leadership/dec10/vol68/num04/What- Teachers-Gain-from-Deliberate- Practice.aspx practice

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