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Accolades - Subjective Ambiance – Reminisce Part II.

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1 Accolades - Subjective Ambiance – Reminisce Part II

2 Accolades (n.) an award, an honor; approval, praise Sharon is an excellent writer; she has received many accolades for her writing, and has even published a short story. Are you current grades and study habits worthy of accolades? A smiling Britney was excited to win an accolade for Best Pop Video!

3 Aptitude (n.) Inherent or natural ability; capacity or potential for learning The SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test; it is supposed to measure your capacity for learning. Johnnys aptitude for math is tremendous. Even though hes only in the 5th grade, he can figure out many of his older brothers algebra equations. Determine what your natural aptitudes are and excel at them!

4 Arduous (adj.) requiring much effort; difficult or demanding Every student finds different subjects difficult; some find math vexing, while others believe English is more arduous. Many teens find themselves involved in arduous, high maintenance, dating relationships that result in their grades suffering. Its not fair that my sister gets all the easy inside chores and I get stuck with the arduous outside jobs!

5 Authoritarian 1. (n.) A person who acts like a dictator, tyrant, or disciplinarian 2. (adj.) descriptive of a system where one person has control or rule As a teenager, you might find that your parents act as authoritarians in your life, especially when theyre, laying down the law! Although the U. S. is a democracy, many countries function under authoritarian (adj.) rule and are not allowed the basic freedoms that citizens in our country enjoy.

6 Discriminate 1.(v.) to recognize a difference between things; to make fine distinctions 2.(v.) to treat differently based on differences (i.e. gender or race) To answer the essay question correctly, you must be able to discriminate fact from opinion. Employers can be sued if they discriminate based on age, gender, race, etc. A person can have discriminate tastes, preferring one thing over another.

7 Impartial (adj.) not biased, treating all equally; not showing favoritism or prejudice A good judge and jury must remain impartial and listen to all of the evidence presented before determining whether a person is innocent or guilty. Her impartial attitude towards the students and their opinions facilitate great discussions in her class. Taking into consideration my incredulous nature and your incongruous, nefarious history, it is hard to be impartial.

8 Indifferent (adj.) Not caring one way or the other; apathetic – without an opinion or preference After my favorite singer on American Idol was eliminated, I was indifferent to the show; I stopped watching and used that time to study. Most students care about their grades; however, some are indifferent. Indifferent and impartial are not the same!

9 Milieu (n.) the setting, surroundings, environment After growing up in the milieu of the Great Depression, Billys grandfather lived frugally and saved every penny he earned. Each classroom has a different milieu, depending on the teacher and subject matter. Romeo and Juliet is set in the milieu of medieval Verona.

10 Myriad (adj.) in very great numbers; too many to count (n.) a very great number If you talk to all the students and teachers at school about uniforms, you will get a myriad of opinions. The exchange student was overwhelmed by the myriad of questions from her classmates.

11 Objective (adj.) not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices; based on facts and reality (n.) a step toward meeting a goal You will often see objective and subjective used together, as opposites. Even though you want your friend to win, you must be objective when judging The Battle of the Bands. It is my primary objective, this year, to make better choices and better grades. The student met each objective on the rubric and made an A on the project.

12 Proficient (adj.) skilled, expert, or capable in any field or activity After 3 years of studying French in college, I became a proficient speaker of that language and obtained a job in an international corporation. Although I wish I was more proficient at math; I do tend to have a natural aptitude for dealing with people and personal relationships.

13 Subjective (adj.) taking place within an individual's mind; affected by individual bias or feelings The teacher could not possibly mark my discussion response incorrect. How do you feel about the current economic condition of our nation? is a completely subjective question. Questions such as Who is your favorite musician? and What is your favorite color? are subjective. Questions such as Who signed the Declaration of Independence? and How many Justices are on the Supreme Court? are objective.

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