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WBMS Choir on Fire 2013 - 2014 WBMS Choir on Fire Handbook featuring the Firettes Dance Team.

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1 WBMS Choir on Fire WBMS Choir on Fire Handbook featuring the Firettes Dance Team

2 Music has the ability to touch our hearts, to calm or excite us, to involve us, to heal us, and inspire. It allows us to relax or participate, to reach out and look with in. Music teaches us teamwork. It reinforces basic skills. It is both a social and an individual activity. Music has been a part of life for all recorded time. It is a part of our history and culture. Dear Chorus Parents and Students, Welcome to WBMS Choir on Fire Chorus Program! A successful chorus program is dependent on positive active participation by both the students and their parents. It is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to working with you this year. This handbook is designed to help you understand the expectations for all chorus students at WBMS. If you have any questions of any kind, feel free to call, write, or me. I will return most calls at the end of the school day, but please allow me a “return call window” of 24 hours. Rarely does a situation arise for which there is no workable solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. Yours in Harmony, Gina LaVere Chorus Director Woodlawn Beach Middle School ext. 202 (cell number)

3 Remember………. Shoot for the Stars and Land on the Moon!!!!!!
CLASSROOM PROCEDURES 1) BE READY FOR CLASS WHEN THE BELL RINGS A) Be in your assigned seat with music folder, pencil, and water bottle before your bell rings. B) Fill water bottle before class. If the bottle requires filling, it must be filled at the water fountain directly outside the chorus room. 2) BE PREPARED FOR CLASS A) Bring chorus folder with pencils, paper, and water bottle every day. B) Utilize the restrooms before or after class for personal grooming. 3) RESPECT OTHERS A) Keep inappropriate comments to yourself. B) DO NOT touch classroom equipment without teacher permission (this includes the PIANOS). C) Students must remain quiet and attentive even when they are not singing. Much rehearsal time is saved when students observe other sections. 4) STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE TRY YOUR BEST AND YOU WILL ALWAYS END UP A WINNER!! Remember………. Shoot for the Stars and Land on the Moon!!!!!!

4 DISCIPLINE POLICY The behavioral journal is used for disciplinary behavior. There are four steps in the journal. 1) Warning 2) Consequence with parent signature 3) Parent contact 4) Disciplinary referral Note: A conference will be scheduled at this point and a contract will be made regarding acceptable behavior in the chorus program.

5 GRADING POLICY Grades will be based on knowledge of concepts, demonstration of skills and participation in chorus activities, including required performances and rehearsals. Because the chorus is a performing organization and a class, it is essential that every student and parent understand that attendance and participation in required performances and rehearsals is a part of the grade. Excused absences are determined using the same criteria as a school absence. Unexcused absences for rehearsals are recorded as a zero. Any absence of a required performance must be replaced by one of the curriculum based assignments at the back of the handbook. CONFLICT RESOLUTION Being aware that conflicts will occur in the scheduling of practices, rehearsals, games, performances and field trips the following guidelines will be used: The Spring and Winter Concert and District Music Performance Assessment are the only required performances for the year. A performance or a game takes precedent over a practice or rehearsal (except final rehearsals) 3) The student is responsible for notifying Mrs. LaVere of the conflict no less than 24 hours in advance if possible.

There are five categories in which the concepts are graded in : CLASSWORK 20% HOMEWORK 5% QUIZZES 35% TESTS 40% (performance based) ♫ PARTICIPATION - singing folder checks, pencil check, participation in daily rehearsals and activities. ♫SINIGING QUIZZES AND CHECKS - In-class singing quizzes will be administered at least every two weeks. These quizzes are done in a small group setting (3-6 students) grading is based on their level of improvement. ♫ REGULAR QUIZZES - These are written quizzes based on music theory in which the students are given notes and instruction in class. ♫ PERFORMANCES - There are three required performances; the Spring and Winter concerts and District Performance Assessment. These are counted as tests. ♫ MUSIC THEORY - This includes work in theory binders, tests, worksheets and composition projects.

Girls- Long black dress purchased through Chorus Department $54 Boys- Black dress pants and white tux shirt rented through the Chorus Department $25 No student will be denied participation in chorus should the cost of a uniform present a financial hardship for you. If this is the case, please contact Mrs. LaVere. All information will be kept confidential. PERFORMANCE GROOMING Hair - All hair must be away from face Jewelry- No jewelry should be worn on girls or boys during a chorus performance. Small stud earrings will be allowed for those students with pierced ears. Shoes- No sneakers, slides, sandals, or strappy shoes. Only closed toed black dress shoes are acceptable. CHORUS T-SHIRTS $20 This is a required part of our uniform for Intermediate and Advanced chorus. It is optional for all other classes. ♫ PAPER ♫ PENCILS ♫ FOLDER (for notes/worksheets) ♫ STAFF PAPER (optional) ♫ WATER BOTTLE 2 BLANK CDS

These performances and events are extra opportunities for select chorus members (extra expenses are required for some of these activities). ♫ All-County (6-8 grade audition) ♫ Disney chorus trip (Advanced and Intermediate chorus members only. These students must have no ISS, OSS, bus suspension, or two referrals in one semester. Grades in chorus must be an A/B and no D, F, or course recovery in core classes ) ♫ Running for Chorus President (select students who have been in chorus for 3 years) ♫ Running for Chorus Vice President (select students who have been in chorus for 2 years) ♫ Out-reach Concerts: These performances are for the community and any student in Intermediate or Advanced may participate. ♫ Musical: Advanced Chorus only * This does not occur every year. ♫ Madrigal: Advanced members only. Renaissance Dinner as a fundraiser for the fine arts department. Occurs every-other year.

9 FUNDRAISING The WBMS Choir on Fire has grown quickly over the past thirteen years and our cost to run the program has grown as well. Fundraising is essential to help keep our costs low. These fundraisers pay for rental uniforms, bus transportation, competition fees, extra music, chorus materials and much more. Your participation and the success of our fundraisers keep the cost of chorus very low. We offer two fall fundraisers: 1. Soliciting friends, family and businesses for sponsorships and ads in our WBMS Choir on Fire Program Book (overview letter and form located at back of the handbook) 2. Selling of Classic Cookie dough (yum!) Our three spring fundraisers are: 1. Valentine Grams (sold in the school) 2. Annual WBMS Talent Show. We only ask parents to help chaperone and bring items to use for door prizes during the talent show. 3. Yankee Candle Fundraiser Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Always warm up before singing (a vocal warm up is like stretching before exercise) Drink lots of water. About 64 oz a day to be exact. Eat 30 minutes before you sing at a performance. Eating and singing right after can cause many singing problems (i.e. water in a gas tank). Stay healthy!!! Your body is your instrument and it can’t be taken into the shop to replace. Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest : ) No screaming, yelling, or unnatural sounds. These sounds cause damage to your vocal chords.

Have a set time and space for your musician to practice. Encourage your child with positive words and actions. This makes a big difference in their progress. Here are a few web sites to check out with your budding musician!! (this website has lessons and theory trainers which we will be using in class) (great site for music advocacy) (this is where you can purchase music online for your budding vocalist) (this has tons of music theory games ) (this is the Florida vocal association)

Students are required to submit this sheet to Mrs. LaVere by Friday, August 30th. By checking each item and signing this form, you agree that you: ____ have read the Chorus Handbook and understand the information it contains. ____ have examined the calendar of events for conflicts. ____ understand that an unexcused absence from an after-school performance or rehearsal will earn zero points. Student’s Name (print please): ____________________________ Parent’s Name (sign please):______________________________ I give permission for my child’s picture to appear in the newspaper: yes___ no____ I give permission for my child’s picture to appear on the school website: yes___ no___

Students are required to submit this sheet to Mrs. LaVere by Friday, August 30th. Group: Woodlawn Beach Middle School Chorus Teacher: Gina LaVere Student:_______________________________ Home Phone:_______________ Cell Phones:________________ Student Address: _______________________________________________________ Parent Address:______________________ (we have an newsletter with chorus news & reminders) Parent/Guardian:______________________________ Daytime Phone:_______________ Evening Phone: _______________ Other Parent/Guardian:_______________________________ Daytime Phone: ______________ Evening Phone: ______________ Emergency Phone number for parent/guardian if other than above: _______________________ Comments regarding special health problems or severe allergies of student: ______________________________________________________________________

ALL CHORUS STUDENTS MUST HAVE A PERFORMANCE UNIFORM Rental Days for Boys: September 4th/ 1:30-3:30pm Rental Day for Girls: September 6th/ 1:30-3:30pm (please bring this form with you to the rental day) BOYS: All boys have a $25 rental fee. Boys are only allowed to rent because they often change uniform sizes during the same school year. If you have been chosen to sing with the advanced girls then, a chorus t-shirt must be purchased for performances in the community. GIRLS: Girls have the option to rent or buy. Returning girls and new girls in the 8th grade are given the opportunity first to try on rentals for two reasons: because they either rented last year and/or also it is their first and last chance to be in chorus. The 7th grade girls will try on rentals second, followed by the 6th grade girls. There are only a limited number of rentals available. The fee will be $25 for rentals. This price charge offsets the chorus department costs for the dresses and dry cleaning at the end of the year. T-SHIRTS ARE OPTIONAL FOR EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR THE ADVANCED AND INTERMEDIATE GROUPS: $20 (these two groups do outreach concerts in the community and the chorus t-shirt is the uniform used for those performances) PLEASE FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM BELOW AND ATTACH CASH OR CHECK (CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO WBMS CHORUS). T-shirt and new uniform orders must be turned no later than MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th. If more time is needed or there is a financial issue please send a note to Mrs. LaVere on the September 16th deadline. NAME:_________________________________________________ GIRLS RENTALS: $25. PLEASE CHECK IF RENTING _______ GIRLS BUY: $54. PLEASE CHECK IF BUYING _______ BOYS RENTAL: $25. PLEASE CHECK IF RENTING_________ T-SHIRTS: $20. PLEASE CHECK IF BUYING A T-SHIRT__________T-SHIRT SIZE_________ (adult sizes only S,M,L,XL)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22ND (Chorus parent meeting) 6:30pm in cafeteria Advanced Parent Meeting to follow afterward. SEPTEMBER WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH: Uniform Rentals for BOYS 1:20-3:30pm in chorus room FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th: Uniform Rentals for GIRLS 1:20-3:30pm in the chorus room TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH: Chorus Rehearsal 1:20-3:30pm in the cafeteria THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH: All County Chorus Auditions 1:20- 6pm at WBMS (This audition is for girls only. There is a written test and a prepared choral piece) OCTOBER FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4TH: Chorus Group Pictures for the Yearbook 1:20-5pm (Students must bring their uniform and proper shoes to school in the morning) MONDAY, OCTOBER 7TH-18TH: CHORUS FALL FUNDRAISER “CLASSIC COOKIE DOUGH” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24TH: All County Honor Choir Rehearsal 1:20- 5pm Avalon Middle School (Only for students selected to sing in all county. Bus transportation is provided to and from. Pick up is at WBMS at 5:30pm) NOVEMBER MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH: All County Honor Choir Rehearsal 1:20- 5pm Avalon Middle School TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH: All County Honor Choir Rehearsal and Performance (Students will be rehearsing all day at Immanuel Baptist Church and at 7pm a performance. Transportation to the event is provided as well as dinner) DECEMBER WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4TH: Winter Final Rehearsal 2-4:30pm St. Sylvester Parish Center (Transportation provided to the church. Pick up is at the church) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5TH: Winter Concert arrive at 5:30pm/performance at 6:30pm (St. Sylvester Church.) TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH: MADRIGAL REHEARSAL 1:20-4PM in cafeteria (This is for advanced chorus and select chorus members participating) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12TH: MADRIGAL REHEARSAL 1:20-4PM in cafeteria FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH AND 14TH: MADRIGAL DINNER 6:30PM in cafeteria (This is an event that tickets will be sold in advanced)

16 JANUARY TUESDAY, JANUARY 21ST: WOMEN’S REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in chorus room (TB 1 & 5 only) WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22ND: MEN’S REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in chorus room (TB3 & men only from TB6) THURSDAY, JANUARY 23RD: TREBLE REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in chorus room (TB 2 & TB 4 only) FEBRUARY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH-14TH: CHORUS VALENTINE GRAM FUNDRAISER (we sell valentine grams at lunch to the students and pass out on valentine’s day) MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH-20TH: CHORUS SPRING FUNDRAISER “YANKEE CANDLES” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH: TREBLE REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in chorus room TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH: WOMEN’S REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in chorus room WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH: MEN’S REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in chorus room THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH OR 28TH: CHORAL DISTRICT MPA time TBA MARCH THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH: BENEFIT CONCERT (interfaith ministries) Arrive at 5:30pm/perform at 6:30pm at St. Sylvester Parish Center APRIL MONDAY, APRIL 7TH: CHORUS REHEARSAL 1:20-3PM in cafeteria FRIDAY, APRIL 25TH: TALENT SHOW AUDTION 1:20-4:30PM in cafeteria MONDAY, APRIL 28TH-30TH: TALENT SHOW REHEARSALS 1:20-4:30PM in cafeteria MAY THURSDAY, MAY 1ST: TALENT SHOW PARENT PERFORMANCE (Arrive at 5:30pm/perform at 6:30pm in cafeteria) FRIDAY, MAY 2ND: TALENT SHOW STUDENT PERFORMANCE 1:20-4:30PM in cafeteria WEDNESDAY, MAY 7TH: SPRING FINAL REHEARSAL 2-4:30pm St. Sylvester Parish Center (Transportation provided to the church. Pick up is at the church) THURSDAY, MAY 8TH: CHORUS SPRING CONCERT arrive at 5:30pm/performance at 6:30pm (St. Sylvester Church.) FRIDAY, MAY 16TH-18TH: ADVANCED CHORUS TRIP TO DISNEY CHORUS END OF THE YEAR PARTY: TO BE ANNOUNCED ADVANCED CHORUS AUDITIONS FOR SCHOOL YEAR: TO BE ANNOUNCED TRY OUTS FOR CHORUS DANCE TEAM: TO BE ANNOUNCED

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