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V-Trip Travel Guide Classroom Strategies for Virtual Field Trips.

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1 V-Trip Travel Guide Classroom Strategies for Virtual Field Trips

2 What Is a Virtual Field Trip? A V-Trip is a visit to a specific Web destination to accomplish educational objectives. A V-Trip gives students access to places they might otherwise never get to visit.

3 Where Can You Go on V-Trips? A rainforest or desert The Whitehouse NASA Museums Zoos National monuments Other countries

4 Why Take a V-Trip? Providing access to various forms of technology at the right time can significantly improve the rate and amount of learning that a student accomplishes on a given topic.

5 Why Take a V-Trip (Students) Gain understanding through first-hand experience Solve real-world problems Gain access to places or people Get a private tour of an area without all the confusion and chaos of a real field trip

6 Why Take a V-Trip (Teachers) Meet standards Support and enhance existing projects Build community awareness Quality technology-based activities Save money and avoid hassle Enrich!

7 V-Trip Preparation Purpose –Gain information, experience, understanding Web site addresses and considerations –Plug-ins? Preparations, materials or people needed Extra equipment needed

8 V-Trip Hints Test your site prior to the lesson!!

9 V-Trip Hints Introduce the geography of the area and find it on a map. Use parent volunteers. Use a projector if not enough computers. Use the computer lab. Add imagination to your V-Trip.

10 Virtual Field Trips Time to take one yourself… Follow the directions on the Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Lands form. Record your answers on the form, please.

11 Scavenger Hunts Two types –Published –Original Two types of searching –Review of one or more pre-selected sites –Hunt using search tools such as Google or Vivisimo

12 Time to take one yourself…. Use one of the three examples in your packet Go to the URL and follow the directions

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