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School Spirit, Athletes, and Competition Perfect for Homecoming.

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1 School Spirit, Athletes, and Competition Perfect for Homecoming

2 Aloof (adj.) unwilling to get involved, usually out of a sense of superiority I remained aloof during the pep rally and did not cheer. Im much too cool for pep rallies.

3 Aversion (n.) a strong feeling of dislike Due to my aversion to loud noises and crowded places, I hate pep rallies and sports events.

4 Camaraderie (n.) a feeling of closeness among a particular group of people I sensed the camaraderie among the football players as they ate, laughed and talked together in the cafeteria.

5 Compulsion (n.) a force that makes someone do something Although I hate pep rallies, everyone around me was screaming, and I felt the compulsion to shout as well.

6 Conformity (n.) behavior that completely complies with accepted standards. (The word has a definite negative connotationit implies dullness and unthinking behavior.) The conformity of the team scared me a little…I wondered if they moved, talked, and dressed the same way off the field, too…

7 Euphoria (n.) a feeling of great joy The fans were in a state of euphoria as the Raiders won the game; they were so filled with excitement, they stood up and shouted.

8 Homogenous: (adj.) being similar in nature The cheerleaders looked so homogenous-- they all had matching uniforms, hairstyles, and shoes.

9 Fanatic (n.) A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm for a cause He is such a football fanatic that he shaves his head and paints his face before every game.

10 Frivolous (adj.) Unworthy of serious attention, trivial My mom called my romance novel frivolous–she said it lacked literary value. Because my novel was silly and entertaining, my mom thought it was a frivolous purchase.

11 Nurture (v.) to encourage something to grow Pep rallies are supposed to nurture school spirit. I have a nurturing personality; my friends say they can talk to me about any problem.

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