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The Armored Achievers pp

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1 The Armored Achievers pp. 125-131
Arthropods The Armored Achievers pp

2 Arthropod Largest phylum with 1 million species (3/4 of all animals on earth) Segmented bilateral symmetry Exoskeleton that must be molted in order to grow Jointed appendages Blood-vascular system Mostly internal sexual reproduction

3 subphylums

4 Uniramia - Class Insecta
3 pairs of legs largest & most diverse group on earth rarely in the sea but live at the water’s edge Ex. Water strider

5 Subphylum Chelicerata

6 Class Merostomata “Living fossils” NW Atlantic, Gulf, Japan, Korea
shallow, soft bottoms Ex. Horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)

7 mouth carapace abdomen Book gills Inhalent current Repiratory chamber Exhalent current

8 Class Pycnogonida 1mm - 40cm pole to pole
narrow body, proboscis, 4 very long legs males carry the eggs Ex. Sea Spiders

9 Subphylum Crustacea 35,000 species
Primarily marine, some freshwater, semi terrestrial, terrestrial Use maxillae for filter – suspension feeding Gills – adapted to live in water 2 pair of antennae for sensory

10 Classes of Crustacea

11 Crustacean classes


13 Subclass Cirripedia Free-swimming larva
Cement glands attach adult form to substrate (sessile) Hermaphroditic (long coiled penis) Ex. Barnacles

14 cirri cement gland

15 Subclass Copepoda Most abundant plankton, largest protein source (1st level consumer) Most are free-swimming but some are parasitic First antennae long for drag Planktonic larva of many crustacean Ex. copepods

16 Class Malacostraca 14 segments + a telson
contains over half of all known crustaceans

17 Orders of Malacostraca

18 Order Isopoda Bottom dwellers (deep to intertidal)
Herbivorous scavengers Ex. Pillbugs on land, gribbles in ocean

19 Order Amphipod burrowing in sandy and muddy sediments
usually flattened from side to side three pairs of short tail limbs are used to flick them out of danger

20 decapods ‘10 legs’ largest
5 pair of walking legs - 1st pair heavier with pinchers (cheliped) Ex. Crayfish, lobster, crab, shrimp

21 Callinectes sapidus

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