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Santa Rosa District Schools Professional Development Center Budgie Latshaw.

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2 Santa Rosa District Schools Professional Development Center Budgie Latshaw



5 Search Engines An Internet search tool that searches sites for key words Search their own database of information Deploys robots or spiders to find incidences of key words to add to its database

6 What do the results mean? Results are presented in order of relevance Relevancy rankings based on a formula Different methods of collection

7 How do I formulate my search? Identify important concepts within the question Identify keywords and related synonyms Read the HELP!

8 Boolean Searches Using terms to broaden or narrow your search Uses AND, OR, NOT Or +, -

9 Boolean Examples Endangered AND species AND mammals NOT bears endangeredspecies mammals ANDAND NOTNOT

10 Boolean Examples If you were looking for non-surgical treatments for glaucoma… glaucoma +treatment -surgical

11 Does the engine support: Quotation marks? Capital letters? Wildcards, truncations or word stem?

12 Search Engines Google: Wisenut: HotBot: Teoma: All the Web:



15 Search Directories Organized by subject User works down a series of menus Organized by HUMANS Smaller database than engines

16 Search Directories Yahoo!: Infomine: The Open Directory: Librarians Index to the Internet: National Directory:

17 Which is better -- an engine or a directory? Personal preference Directories allow the user to form the search, but may not use common terms Search engines allow the user to use common language, but may lead to lots of hits

18 Build a Better Query Use the advanced search feature Use many words, not just a few Search for your target words, and synonyms Search for phrases in quotation Read the search engines help files

19 Did I say? Read the HELP!

20 Meta Search Tools Search tool that uses other engines databases Skims the surface of multiple databases Typically used after other engines have failed

21 Meta Search Tools

22 Dogpile Vivisimo MetaCrawler

23 Specialized Search Tools News Engines Library-based Search Tools

24 Choose the Best Search Engine for Your Purpose Noodle Tools: Debbie Abilock n/5locate/adviceengine.html

25 Search well!

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