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Mililani Mauka Elementary School Grade 5 Curriculum for 2005 - 2006.

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1 Mililani Mauka Elementary School Grade 5 Curriculum for 2005 - 2006

2 Language Arts

3 First and Second Semester Reading Comprehension Process Making Inferences Questioning Predicting Making Connections Summarizing Reading Response Authors Message and Theme Initial, Personal, Interpretive, Critical Stances Rhetoric/Range Reading Log, Book It, Genre Study Writing Composing Processes, Step Up to Writing Research Writing/Expository Writing Oral Language Communication Processes Focus on : Poise, Projection, Preparedness, Personality

4 Mathematics

5 First Semester Numbers and Operations Place Value, Adding, Subtracting Multiplying Whole Numbers & Decimals Dividing with One & Two-Digit Divisors Fractions Data Analysis Reading and Making Graphs Interpreting Data Probability

6 First Semester (cont.) Geometry and Spatial Sense Lines, Angles, Circles Polygons Symmetry and Transformations Measurement Solids Volume & Capacity Weight/Mass

7 Second Semester Number and Operations Fraction Operations Ratio, Proportion, Percent Measurement Length Area Time & Temperature Patterns, Functions, & Algebra Equations, Integers, Graphs

8 Science

9 First Semester Physical Science Static Electricity Force and Motion Life Science Ecosystem Earth and Space Science Astronomy & Solar System Energy

10 Second Semester Life Science Genetics Human Body

11 Social Studies

12 First Semester Political Science Rules Conflict Resolution History Columbus and Tainos Cultural Anthropology and Economics Colonization Geography Daily Geography

13 Second Semester Political Science Three Branches of Government History Revolutionary War Geography Daily Geography (continued)

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