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General Learner Outcomes

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1 General Learner Outcomes
GLOs General Learner Outcomes

2 1 Self-Directed Learner
The Ability to be RESPONSIBLE for One’s Own Learning (or one’s not learning!) Mr. B’s comment: Since you can revise – and ask for help before, during and after school – the only answer for an “F” grade is you didn’t want to do it.

3 2 Community Contributor
The Understanding That it is ESSENTIAL for Human Beings to WORK TOGETHER That also includes respecting the other learners in the class and NOT getting in the way of their learning – even if you don’t want to do anything yourself. Mr B’s comment: Be quiet so at least others can learn.

4 The Ability to be Involved in COMPLEX THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING
3 Complex Thinker The Ability to be Involved in COMPLEX THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING Try to figure it out before you ask! Read it carefully! Think about it!

5 4 Quality Producer The Ability To Recognize and Produce QUALITY PERFORMANCE and QUALITY PRODUCTS You have seen good work! How does your work compare to it? What can you do to improve it?

6 5 Effective Communicator
The Ability to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY When you ask questions or are answering questions, are you being careful and clear so that other people can understand you?

7 6 Effective and Ethical User of Technology
The Ability to Use a Variety of TECHNOLOGIES Effectively and Ethically Thou Shall Not: Copy! (without acknowledging), Plagiarize (use someone else’s work and call it your own) You have to know about Copyright!!

8 Disclaimer Aloha I put together these power points for use in my science classes. You may use them in your classes. Some images are public domain, some are used under the fair-use provisions of the copyright law, some are mine. Copyright is retained by the owners! Ted Brattstrom

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